Kill Your Television Festival

Kill Your Television Festival

at The Civic at The Halls, Wolverhampton

This event has been and gone.

In July 1990 Kill Your Television shot straight to #1 in the Indie singles chart and sent Ned’s Atomic Dustbin on a collision course with the pop charts.

Being their ‘cross-over’ single, Kill Your Television the song, the slogan, the t-shirt and the ‘get off your a*** and do something’ sentiment still stand as the deepest footprint that the band have left on the indie rock planet, and 25 years later the band are looking to cement the legacy with the launch of Kill Your Television Festival.

The inaugural KYTV Festival will be held at the band’s spiritual home – Wolverhampton Civic Hall, scene of many of their end-of-year home-coming shows attended historically by audiences from across the globe; seekers of that magical atmosphere that only this venue evokes for the fans of Ned.

The band can confirm that they will be sharing the show with a considerable collection of bands which were part of that huge wave of indie in the 90s.


Ned's Atomic Dustbin

Ned's Atomic Dustbin appearing at this event

Along with PWEI and The Wonderstuff, the Ned's helped to put Stourbridge on the indie-rock music map back in the 1990s. Formed in 1987, they achieved three Top 20 singles and two Top 20 albums - their debut 'God Fodder' went in at no. 4. They ceased being a full-time band in 1995 but are now back with all five original members Dan, Alex, Mat, Rat and Jonn.

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The Wedding Present

The Wedding Present appearing at this event

In the late 1980s The Wedding Present were one of the most famous British indie bands. Their career path often involved unusual decisions, such as recording a set of Ukranian folk songs for their first major-label offering and releasing a single on the first Monday of every month for a year. Band members came and went, but the idea of The Wedding Present as a group has remained. Nowadays fans of 'the Weddoes' can still hear their favourite songs (as well as new material) being played live by original songwriter David Gedge and his band.

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The Primitives

The Primitives appearing at this event

Probably best known for their 1988 top 5 hit 'Crash', The Primitives reunited in their hometown of Coventry at the end of 2009, to pay homage to Steve Dullaghan, the group's original bassist. The success of their performance and the public's positive response after more than 17 years away from the spotlight led them to do a UK tour in April 2010 and to play a few shows in Europe and the US. In 2012 they released the album 'Echoes and Rhymes', which ranged from garage to psychedelia, with touches of soul and sunshine pop, as multiple styles came together in a special compilation of obscure female-fronted songs from the Sixties, revisited with all the love and affection and energy of The Primitives.

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Blast Off DJs

Blast Off DJs appearing at this event

World famous and hugely popular indie nightclub's DJs of the legendary Wolverhampton Club that was Blast Off! 1996-2014!

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The Civic at The Halls

North Street

The Civic at The Halls

North Street