at The Midland Railway, Ripley

This event has been and gone.

This is the ninth Indietracks weekend festival to be held at the railway, with the first weekend event being held in July 2007.

Around 50 Indiepop bands from across the globe will be playing across four stages at Indietracks: the outdoor stage; the indoor stage, the church and on the steam trains themselves. The festival will also host a range of art and craft workshops and a selection of discos after the bands finish.

Festival goers are able to have unlimited rides on the steam railway over the weekend and full access to other railway attractions and museums.

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Church Stage

Saturday 25th July


Saturday 25th July
  • Spinning Yarns DJs
Sunday 26th July
  • Don't Falter DJs



Featuring David Gedge of The Wedding Present, transformed into a performer of 'string kissed serenades and lounge core laments'.

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The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart

The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart appearing at this event

Imagine if The Ramones traded in their leather jackets for anoraks, or Stephen Pastel actually threw Aggi off the bridge and married Black Tambourine's Pam Berry and had four babies that formed a pop band. Meet The Pains of Being Pure at Heart, a New York four-piece who plays dreamy, noisy pop with blissful melodies and blistering drums.

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The Go! Team

The Go! Team appearing at this event

Playing a chaotic kaleidoscope of cut and paste sounds and old skool beats, The Go! Team have been building up legions of avid fans since the release of debut album Thunder Lightning Strike in 2004. Their piano-led tunes such as Feelgood By Numbers wouldn't sound out of place on a Charlie Brown TV cartoon, while Bottle Rocket is somewhat reminiscent of a track by 80s hip-hop stars The Rock Steady Crew. Now imagine the whole thing played on instruments taken from the school music cupboard and you'll start to see why The Go! Team might well be the most original band you'll see this year! Recommended.

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Unpop are an Edinburgh group of DJs who play C86, twee, jangle pop and generally heavenly pop hits alongside many other indie disco classics.

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The Wave Pictures

The Wave Pictures appearing at this event

For a few years The Wave Pictures have played sporadically in the UK, France and New York, sharing shows with Herman Dune and The Jeffrey Lewis Band. They have also served as backing band for both John Darnielle of the Mountain Goats and Darren Hayman (Hayman’s old band Hefner being a clear influence, along with the guitar playing of Tom Verlaine). Think early Pavement, Galaxie 500, The Pastels, Jonathan Richman.

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Martha appearing at this event

Passionate punk-pop band Martha served as a UK counterpart to the US DIY scene of the 2010s, working in the same high-energy but emotionally vulnerable territory as contemporaries like Swearin' and Radiator Hospital. Employing tight vocal harmonies, buzzsaw guitars, and zippy tempos, the group created a distinctively high-strung brand of pop on albums like 2016's Blisters in the Pit of My Heart.

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Pete Astor

Pete Astor appearing at this event

Pete Astor is a British singer-songwriter best known for his work with The Loft, The Weather Prophets and Ellis Island Sound. He has forged ahead with a successful solo career and still performs with The Loft and Ellis Island Sound.

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Laura K

Laura K wrote her first song when she was 8, and learned to play piano 3 years earlier. Influenced by the likes of Belle & Sebastian, Arcade Fire, The Brunettes and She & Him, Laura writes poppy songs, sings and plays several instruments. Her songs are mostly happy/sad made-up stories about boys. When Laura’s not making sweet songs on her own, she’s out and about playing keys and singing in Tigercats.

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Michaelmas play pop music and are not ashamed to say so. Michaelmas rose, phoenix-like, from the ashes of Adekola Sound in early 2002. Currently, they are a four piece, with Jude adding violin, melodica and harmonies at their live shows and their new recordings.

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The School

The School appearing at this event

Cardiff Indiepop collective signed to Spanish Indiepop label Elefant Records. Fusing keyboards, guitars, violins and trumpets, the group sweetly blend 60's girl group sounds with modern influences like Camera Obscura, Belle And Sebastian and The Aislers Set. Their material has been featured on the Spanish Netflix teen drama series 'Elite'.

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Fever Dream

A three piece Shoegazey post-punk band from East London. Dark, fuzzy, menacing music that blurs the line from noisy New Wave to angular Post-Punk.

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Colleen Green

Colleen Green appearing at this event

Oakland noise-pop musician Colleen Green always wears sunglasses onstage. She has long hair and gets high. Her multi-tracked, emotive vocals take an enormous leap forward, evoking all-time heroes such as Rose Melberg and Tina Weymouth, with every drum-machine-tracked song awash in the dreamy slacker romanticism of California.

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Rated Excellent

The Midland Railway

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The Midland Railway

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