Hard Metal Fest Mangualde 2019


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Hard Metal Fest Mangualde is a heavy metal music festival in Portugal. Billed as the oldest of its kind anywhere on the Iberian Peninsula, 2019 sees the festival celebrating a landmark 25th edition.

As ever, the lineup draws from the rich history of the genre, with the upcoming edition featuring performances from former W.A.S.P. lead guitarist Chris Holmes and veterans of the British metal scene Grim Reaper, among others.

Please visit www.hardmetalfest.pt/en/index.html for more information.


Chris Holmes

Chris Holmes appearing at this event

Founding member and the original guitarist W.A.S.P. from 1982 to 1990 and from 1996 to 2001 Chris Holmes is now back with his new band, Mean Man!

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Gama Bomb

Gama Bomb appearing at this event

Thrash metal from Ireland. Stylistically rooted in '80s thrash metal, the band' s influences include Nuclear Assault, Kreator, Agent Steel, Sodom, old Slayer and early Megadeth.

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Night In Gales

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Also Appearing

Agressor, Balmog, Ironsword, Analepsy, Dark Oath