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This event has been and gone.

Eindhoven’s Effenaar music venue and Liverpool International Festival Of Psychedelia are thrilled to announce Eindhoven Psych Lab: a new European festival, located in the Netherlands and established to explore and showcase the futuristic sights and sounds of the modern psychedelic condition via the mediums of visual art, design, science and of course: music.

The line up will swell and morph as the festival approaches, featuring more bands, experiments, DJs, and visual artists.

Please visit www.eindhovenpsychlab.com for more information.



Anthroprophh appearing at this event

Legendary guitarist from The Heads, Paul Allen, has struck out on his own in his new guise as Anthroprophh. Although The Heads were pretty damn far out, Anthroprophh ploughs further into deep space, channelling his love for all things Kraut, psych, prog and oddity.

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Cosmonauts (US)

Cosmonauts (US) appearing at this event

Calling their distorted, amped sound "drug punk," Cosmonauts are a California-based garage punk band known for their simple, physically powerful songs and punishing stage volume. Cosmonauts were formed in 2009 by guitarists Alexander Ahmadi and Derek Cowart, natives of Fullerton in Orange County. They met when a mutual friend staged a house show and the two ended up jamming together. Teaming with bassist James Sanderson III and drummer Cole Devine, the four became Cosmonauts, and began hashing out powerful, drone-inspired guitar jams inspired by Spacemen 3, Sonic Youth, and the Velvet Underground. The group also discovered a simple way to get its trademark thick, reverb-heavy sound: using old amps and driving them as loud as possible.

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'Carving out a space somewhere in the middle of garage punk snarl, shoegaze haze, and Krautrock grooves, Chicago's Disappears feature Brian Case (also of the Ponys and 90 Day Men), Boas members Graeme Gibson and Jonathan van Herik, and Damon Carruesco.'

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Elephant Stone

Elephant Stone appearing at this event

Montreal’s Elephant Stone was formed in 2009 by sitarist/bassist Rishi Dhir. As one of the most highly sought out sitar players in the psychedelic music scene, he has recorded and toured with the Black Angels, Brian Jonestown Massacre, the Horrors, the Soundtrack of Our Lives, and many more.

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Föllakzoid appearing at this event

Föllakzoid is a Chile based cosmic music band.

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GNOD appearing at this event

A Mancunian psychedelia collective drawing on influences as disparate as Afro-beat, krautrock, drone, noise and jazz. GNOD's music rotates and expands around a constantly changing line-up, summoning the freak 'n' roll of Ash Ra Tempel, the motorik beat of Neu! and the groove of early Can. Their release with White Hills, "Drop Out...II", was declared the best album to come out of Manchester in 2010.

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Hookworms appearing at this event

For fans of Moon Duo, Wooden Shjips, Bardo Pond. Doyens of this "new psyche" buzztrap, Leeds band Hookworms sound like a thousand guitar pedals being hurled against the melting walls of some trans-dimensional disco. Think long, long jams, grounded in head-bobbing grooves, beneath a flurry of wailing, swirling-vortex guitar-riffs and fist-in-the-air vocal yelps... or maybe, a punkier variant of the My Bloody Valentine / Spacemen 3 / Mercury Rev genre with an added shot of hipshake adrenaline - only far more exciting and life-affirming.

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Mugstar appearing at this event

Mugstar recall 'Saucerful...' era Floyd and echoes vintage Neu! alongside the sounds of Oneida and Sonic Youth. Mugstar take the sonics of psychedelia and krautrock, drag it through the lenses of punk and post-rock, heavy as lead but driven to a repetitive extreme so that it becomes an impenetrable Krautrock hammer; much like Neu on a week long binge of testosterone. Playing Supersonic and ATP!

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Night Beats

Night Beats appearing at this event

Named in homage to Sam Cooke's classic album, Night Beats began as a two-piece in 2009 after both Danny Lee Blackwell and James Traeger moved from Texas to Seattle, Washington. The band incorporate sounds of early RnB, Texas psychedelic rock, UK blues, folk and soul.

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Nisennenmondai are a Tokyo, Japan-based instrumental rock trio who make music that's both raw and danceable in equal measure. They formed in 1999 and took their name from the Japanese translation of the then-current phrase “Year 2000 Computer Bug”. The band are known for their dynamic live show, and despite little mainstream media attention, have built a substantial international following.

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Peter J Taylor

Musician/composer and Action Beat band member.

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Pink Mountaintops

Pink Mountaintops appearing at this event

Pink Mountaintops are a Canadian rock'n'roll band from Vancouver led by Stephen McBean.

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Spectrum appearing at this event

The band of English guitarist and songwriter Sonic Boom, aka Pete Kember, who has been a true innovator and musical visionary for almost 20 years, first gaining prominence as a founder of the now legendary drone-rock band Spaceman 3.

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Suuns appearing at this event

Suuns are the latest in a long line of great bands to emerge from the musical hotbed of Montreal. The Canadian four-piece fuse post punk, electronica and Krautrock as crashing drums and nose-diving guitar riffs punctuate tautly-weaved beats.

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The Oscillation

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Teeth Of The Sea

Teeth Of The Sea appearing at this event

Taking on board influences like Ennio Morricone, Eno, Delia Derbyshire, Goblin, Butthole Surfers and Harmonia, Teeth Of The Sea arrived in 2006 at an incendiary sound that effortlessly marries the aural enlightenment of a far-reaching avant-garde sensibility with the reckless abandon of trashy rock n’roll immediacy. Circa 2011, Teeth Of The Sea exist on a strange and beguiling astral plane, a dark odyssey of cinematic exploration whereby the boundaries between the synth odysseys of the 70s and the guitar-noise-fuelled of the 80s.

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Formed in 2001 and hailing from Mali, Terakraft are a genuine Tuareg desert rock band sculpted by the rolling sands of the Sahara: weathered, dusty, relentless, endless. Through droning guitars, pulsating rhythms, and powerful, mournful vocals, Terakraft ( meaning Caravan' in their mother tongue) tell tales of a nomadic people, of families displaced, of violence, loss, sadness and defiance. And they do so in a way that creates a united sound which carries within it the spirit of victory, even while singing of defeat. Comprised of two original members of Tinariwen, their sound is perhaps a more intense, purposeful slant on the dessert-rock sound, with the subject matter of the songs adding an urgency to the delivery and the intensity of the beats, creating an atmosphere that celebrates a culture rich in artistry and diversity. Wild riffs, searing and searching eastern-tinged melodies, three voices singing in harmony, and the ever present soul of the blues.

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Terminal Cheesecake

Terminal Cheesecake formed in North and East London in 1988 and was put together by Gary Boniface (formerly of The Purple Things and The Vibes).

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The Growlers

The Growlers appearing at this event

Take 5 Southern Californian guys, mix in some surf, stone, and psychedelic, throw them in a haunted mansion in West Hochiminster and with a little luck, you might get a band like The Growlers. The bands name comes from lead singer Brooks Nielsen and guitarist Moustache Matt. One day Brooks came home and Matt was takin a big growler in the outhouse and the rest is history. Watch some footage of old Wind N Sea Surf Club back in the 70’s and you might get a taste of what this band’s live shows are like. Full length debut album ‘The Greatest sHits’ available online myspace.com/lbcgrowlers or at thaliasurf.com. Catch their show on the beach or in your mothers basement and you’ll be nothing short of loving The Growlers.

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The Wands

The Wands are a psych / garage duo from Copenhagen, Denmark.

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The Woken Trees

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Wall Of Death

A three piece psychedelic rock band from Paris. Together since April 2010, they are now ranked among the principal exponents of the new European post-psychedelic rock scene.

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Wooden Shjips

Wooden Shjips appearing at this event

This epic San Francisco quartet take in a vast array of retro sounds, from experimental psychedelia, Krautrock and garage to spaced out drone rock. Fronted by Erik 'Ripley' Johnson, their influences fall somewhere between the lo-fi fuzz of Suicide and Spacemen 3 battling with the Velvet Underground and the Doors. "A Psych-rock groove, a jerky Can-ish beat with organ and distorted guitar and indecipherable vocals lurking like the ghost in a machine. Rarely has trance-rock's hypnotic heart beat as persuasively." (4 stars) - The Independent

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Also Appearing

Al Lover, Cosmic Dead, The Crows, Dans Dans, Great Ytene, Lay Llamas, Radar Men From The Moon, The Underground Youth, Weird Owl


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