Kelly Convey

Kelly Convey

at Pleasance Courtyard, Edinburgh

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If you had met 15-year-old Kelly Convey, a chav from Chatham with the jewellery and temperament of a pirate, you would’ve never imagined that 15 years later she’d be a high-flying executive.

From a long career in TV to training to be a sommelier, Kelly had perfected the art of acting and sounding as posh as the wines she was now 'tasting' for a living. Unfortunately, Kelly's approach to trying wine was guzzling and it only took a few wines for the posh facade to fall away and her inner chav to come out. Needless to say, she was fired quicker than her mate Tracey can neck a bottle of Lambrini (and that’s quick).

Kelly had come so far, going from Chatham to Chateau Latour in a small number of years and then – inevitably – falling straight back on her arse again. Yet wine’s loss is comedy’s gain, because now, since getting fired, Kelly threw herself into the world of standup and now's her chance to tell the world all about it. Comedy truly was Kelly's calling, and it turns out, her inner chav was the reason she found it!

Kelly Convey

Kelly Convey appearing at this event

Kelly Convey is an “in-your-face and reassuringly confident” (Marissa Burgess – Chortle) comedian who is not one to mince her words when giving audiences an insight into what modern women really think. While her outspoken and forward-thinking musings may go against the grain, “there’s a winning authenticity to her material” (Steve Bennett – Chortle) that is refreshing and relatable. This authenticity has led to a whole host of accolades and acknowledgments in her whirlwind rise through the comedy scene. Voted by The Metro as “1 of 9 Hilarious Women to Look Out for in 2017”, Kelly Convey is, no doubt, one to watch.

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