at Cast, Doncaster

This event has been and gone.

Mr. Sea and Mr. Sand are very different. They look different. They act different. Very different.

All Mr Sand wanted to do was relax and enjoy the breeze of the sea air on his skin and the sunshine on his face. Simple pleasures. However, he did not know that he would have to share the beach with someone else. Let's just say Mr Sand's day was about to be turned upside down and inside out. Caught up in the whirl pool of Mr Sea's chaos, Mr Sand does everything he can to get a bit of peace and quiet.

?Highly interactive storytelling with the heart and practise of early 19th century clowning. Super silly, heart-warming, belly laughing, joy gathering spectacular. The aim of Sunshine is to create laughter and inspire the friendly nature in us that we all possess. How do we become friends even through adversity? How can we persevere and spread joy and warmth?


Stickyback Theatre

A theatre company focussing on exploration and aiming to find original forms within their puppetry-based theatre practice. Stickyback Theatre shows are wholly original, combining new scripts, handmade puppets (from the carefully constructed to the wilfully thrown together) and a childish sense of wonder and enthusiasm. Sketch comedy 'unlike anything else on the circuit' (Late Night Gimp Fight) '...beguilingly bizarre...' (The Stage) '...blisteringly funny, visually engaging theatre...' (Three Weeks)

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