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Sam Avery

Sam Avery appearing at this event

Affable quick-witted banter merchant Sam Avery wanted to be a rock star! It nearly happened! Snapped up by music bigwigs at the tender age of 17 and touring with Motorhead and Ice T, he quickly developed a taste for sweat and snakebite. 'A comic you just know is gonna be big' (

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Alex Farrow

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Dylan Dodds

Dylan Dodds appearing at this event

Watford's favourite idiot, mixing creative observings with tales of his humdrum life and silly oneliners. Dylan is a strange man and comedian. He talks about himself a lot.

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Spiky Mike

Spiky Mike appearing at this event

A friendly and energetic act, whose quality one-liner gags and upbeat persona liven up any night, Spiky Mike is founder of Funhouse Comedy and resident compere at all the clubs, as well as performing paid gigs at clubs around the country for respected promoters such as Agraman and Mirth Control.

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Also Appearing

Chelsea Birkby, Vittorio Angelone, Louise Bastock

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