HooFest 2019

at Fairfield Halls, Croydon

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Yonaka appearing at this event

English quartet Yonaka combine heavy riffs, melodic hooks, and on-stage punk furor like the wild spawn of Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Royal Blood. The Brighton-based band, comprising vocalist Theresa Jarvis, guitarist George Edwards, bassist Alex Crosby and drummer Robert Mason, met in college while each member played in different bands. They got together in 2014 and quickly gained a reputation for their formidable live shows.

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Monuments appearing at this event

A London quintet that combines aggressive angular grooves with spacious melodic ambience in a punchy yet progressive manner. A broad vocal spectrum merges with tight, chaotic grooves, screams and cinematic, hook-laden choruses.

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Vex Red

Vex Red appearing at this event

A five piece band who create full on hard rock with a twist of electronica and a smattering of samples.

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Heart Of A Coward

Heart Of A Coward appearing at this event

Formed in 2009, Heart of a Coward have been on a steady incline since their inception. Now a house hold name in UK metal-core music, 2012 saw the release of their debut album ‘Hope and Hindrance’ and their debut video for ‘Shade’. Propelled into the spotlight by these early successes, the follow up album ‘Severance’ saw the band gain further popularity with singles ‘Deadweight’ and ‘Distance’. The band had clearly carved their unique twist of brutal heaviness, epic soundscapes and haunting melodies. The third album released ‘Deliverance’, featured the impressive single ‘Hollow’. This single showcased the bands capability for writing modern metal anthems and forging a strong connection with their audience. Renowned for their powerful and engaging live performances, Heart of a Coward have toured internationally, with bands such as Machine Head, Thy Art Is Murder, Sikth and Trivium.

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Raging Speedhorn

Raging Speedhorn appearing at this event

A rising cacophony of sound that releases itself in a relentless assault on the senses, with guitars that have been trained to hit the jugular with deadly precision.

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Acres appearing at this event

Acres are five friends from the South of England that play music for the texture, tone, feel, ambience and emotion that it generates. In their first year as a band they've been coined a number of different genres, but if one needs to be given they'd be best described as ambient post-hardcore. Their primary focus is a mix between textural ambience, soaring melodies, and raw and powerful emotion.

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WSTR appearing at this event

WSTR had a swift rise as part of the burgeoning U.K. pop-punk scene that saw them signed to independent American label No Sleep Records before they'd even played their first show. Hailing from Liverpool, the band, made up of Sammy Clifford on vocals, Alex Tobijanski on bass, and Kieren Alder and Danny Swift on guitar, cited American groups like blink-182, Sum 41, and New Found Glory as major influences.

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Sulpher appearing at this event

After nearly a decade touring the planet as members of The Jesus and Mary Chain, The Prodigy, Marilyn Manson, Curve's live band, Sulpher has regrouped to commit another sonic assault on the nation’s music venues. Started by multi-instrumentalist Rob Holliday and Monti in the early part of 2000, Sulpher presents a distinctly gritty style of industrial alternative metal paying homage to the legendary Nine Inch Nails, Ministry, Fear Factory, Deftones, Alice In Chains and Marilyn Manson, while mixing the experimental sound of electronica Sulpher were hailed in many rock magazines as the genre's new hope after the release of its debut album 'Spray' in 2002, and as a result secured national tours with the some of the scene's biggest and best. Thne after a massive 17 year gap since their debut, the guys returned with a new album; 'No One Will Ever Know', in 2018.

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Janus Stark

Punk Rock with influences from melodic hardcore, post punk, new wave, hard rock.

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Tigress appearing at this event

A female-fronted five-piece rock band from Chelmsford.

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We Never Learned To Live

'Post-Rock inspired cathartic misery from Brighton.'

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As Everything Unfolds

As Everything Unfolds appearing at this event

Post hardcore / alternative from South Bucks.

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Brightlight City

Brightlight City appearing at this event

BrightLight City are ridiculously catchy, primed with harmonic hooks aplenty that will have the Kaisers gnashing with envy. A truly expansive sound that's sweetly blistered with a subtle post punk austereness with layers upon layers of jagged riffage and set to a pulse pounding panic stricken indie pop dynamic.

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A three-piece rock band from South London. Featuring Rob Jupp (guitar/vocals), Martin Lovejoy (bass) and Scott Clarke (drums).

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Also Appearing

Familiar Spirit , Gramma Vedetta, Heist Two-Eleven, Yuxa, Raptrs, 8Snake

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