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Where To Send Your Events


Fax: 0117 973 0152

Post: Ents24 Listings, PO Box 1379, BRISTOL BS99 3HE

What To Send

To help us pinpoint venues and to display a map, we need a postcode. Please try to include the postcode when you send us listings, especially for smaller venues. This also helps to avoid any confusion between similarly named venues.

Photographs not only help your events to stand out, but also make the website more enjoyable to browse. To ensure the maximum quality, photographs emailed to us as attachments should be in JPEG format, and at least 300x225 pixels.

The more information you can provide - the better! Specifically, our readers have asked for the following:
  • Descriptions of the event and performers (bands, DJs, etc.)
  • Dress-codes and age restrictions
  • Start and end times
  • Admission Prices