The Ents24 Team

Neil - Director

As well as having a bizarre capacity to remember telephone area codes for the whole of the UK, Neil also has possibly the widest collection of 1980's music known to man. One of the original founders of Ents24, Neil is responsible for website operations and development, and says that working here for a decade has nothing to do with his complete hair loss.

Tim - Director

The driving force of Ents24's commercial team, when he's not busy making deals with all sorts of suited executives you can often find him challenging Neil's 80's music knowledge. He sometimes wins and buys us all flapjack.

Mark - Tech Team

Possibly the nicest guy you'll ever meet, Mark has a complete inability to say 'No', which means he makes endless cups of tea. Doctor Mark (as he demands we call him since he got his PhD) has the responsibility of thinking up cool new things for the site and fixing all the little bugs - which he only puts in his programs to keep the rest of us on our toes.

Doug - Tech Team

Doug looks after the parts of the site that make the other developers sad, and has a gigantic box of caramel wafers on his desk to help him do so.

Xander - Tech Team

Full-time dev wizard and part-time hip-hop producer, Xander is Ents24's very own Professor X.

Dan - Tech Team

Dan enjoys trying to break (test) everything the other developers have made - it's a sign of affection, really. If he's not writing code, he's probably thinking in it instead.

Tim - Tech Team

Software development enthusiast Tim claims that often the best approach to solving a problem is to sleep on it, so if you catch him asleep in the office it's probably best not to disturb him.

Adele - Marketing

An unhealthy obsession with handing out 'doughnut penalties' for any of the slightest mistakes on site, Adele is in charge of bullying... I mean, Marketing.

Jen - Marketing

Jen was born and bred in various music venues across Bristol and is obsessed by all things gig related. When she's not stalking bands she loves watching horror films, looking at pictures of dogs and extending her Hello Kitty merchandise collection.

Graham - Backstage

As the token foreigner, funny-man Graham is fondly, and constantly, referred to as 'The Canadian'. When he's not busy ironing his mountie trousers and drinking maple syrup, you'll find him nattering with promoters, artists and venues to help them get the most out of Ents24 through Ents24 Backstage.

Gareth - Content

Still living in the 90s with his massive CD collection, Gareth was once given a certificate at the Ents24 staff awards for his encyclopedic knowledge of music. A keen pop quiz player, he was once a winning contestant on Radio 2's Popmaster with Ken Bruce. However, he failed to name 3 hits in 10 seconds by Leo Sayer! Proof that his encyclopedic brain doesn't quite extend to the magic of Sayer! He is also the proud collector of toy robots and obscure Christmas records!

Michelle - Content

The lovely Michelle is part of our hard working content team. She's a rock loving, Irish cider drinker but that's not all! This well-travelled lady has been to 34 countries and knows all of the States in America! Let's hope she doesn't jet off and leave Ents24 any time soon.

Adam - Content

This Adam is our original 'Adam' and since hiring him, we've started an Adam collection. This Adam you'll see surrounded by his glorious selection of disco records as he DJs another technicolour disco night on the mean streets of Bristol. Often dressed like John Travolta from Saturday Night Fever, Adam is member of our beautiful content team and is into all things music. He also loves cartoons, spicy food and dogs.

Lauren - Content

If she's not wearing brightly coloured hats during the winter, she's knitting more in the summer! Could an Ents24 crafts session be on the cards? She once dreamt of being a rock star, but sadly, with zero musical talent, it was never going to happen, especially as she loves nothing more than having cuddles with her Westie, Eddie whilst having a cup of tea!

Tracey - Accounts

Our resident Carol Vorderman, Tracey is in charge of Ents24's accounts and makes sure we pay all our bills on time. Unlike every other member of staff, Tracey is completely immune from any office mockery because she has the power to withhold our wages!