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Questions about the website

Do you have details of every event happening in the UK?

Our aim is to provide the UK's biggest guide to live entertainment, and we try hard to show details of as many events as possible. We rely on event promoters, performers and venues to tell us about their events, so if you'd like your favourite band or venue to be included, tell them about Ents24 and ask them to get in touch with us.

Do you have info on events in Ireland / other countries?

Although we occasionally list Dublin events as part of major tours, we currently concentrate on providing a comprehensive guide to what's on in Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

I want to know when my favourite band is on tour. Do you know when they're touring next?

To search for tour dates, type the name of the band or artists into the search box on the top-right of every page. If we don't have tour dates shown on the website, you can click on the "alert me" button to receive an email as soon as we hear about new dates being announced.

Is Ents24 part of Ticketmaster or See Tickets?

No - Ents24 is an independent company, and the UK's third most popular ticketing website. We aim to help you find tickets, whatever the event, so we sometimes provide links to buy tickets from other companies such as Ticketmaster.

Problems using the website

I think one of the listings on your site may be incorrect. Who should I contact?

Occasionally we do make mistakes, or receive incorrect information from venues, artists and promoters. If you have good reason to believe a listing may be wrong, please contact us.

I've recently registered. Why can't I log into the site?

When you register, we will send you an email to confirm your password. Please check that this is what you expected. The most frequent reason that people have problems logging in is because they typed their email address incorrectly when they registered. If this is the case, you will be able to register a new account.

Questions about emails and newsletters

I signed up to get emails from Ents24, why am I not receiving them?

Firstly, it's worth checking that you have entered your email address correctly and given us a valid UK postcode. To do this, go to the Account section of the website.

If these are both set correctly, you may find that our newsletter has been mis-identified as spam. Try adding to your address book, or if you are using a work account, contact your IT department for help.

Why aren't my favourite band listed in the weekly newsletter?

We try our best to include as many relevant events as we can in your newsletter, based on your music preferences. If you haven't set these, or you'd like to review them, go to the Newsletters & Alerts section of the website and log in. We generally can't include every event in your area, though, due to space limitations, so keep an eye on the website as well, or sign up for tour alerts for your favourite artists.

I've moved house or changed my email address, can you change it on your records?

You can alter your personal details at any time by going to the Account section of our website and logging in. If you have bought tickets, and would like them delivered to your new address, please visit our ticket help section.

Questions about bands, venues and events

Can you get me backstage passes for my favourite band, or can you arrange for me to meet/interview them?

We receive a lot of requests for backstage passes and opportunities to meet bands, but unfortunately we cannot organise these for you. Please contact the band directly through their official website.

Can you send me the email address for a band or venue?

Although we often have contact email addresses for bands and venues, unless they've given us permission to show them on the website, we're not allowed to give them out or forward emails. The best way to get in touch a band is through their official website. Venues can be contacted using the enquiries telephone number we list on the appropriate page.

Can you tell me who the support band is for a gig?

All of the information we have is shown on the website. If no support acts are shown, they haven't been confirmed, or we haven't been told yet.

Do you know when the concert finishes?

Where we know the finish time for an event, we will display it on the event information page. You could also try contacting the venue for further information.

I've heard that a particular gig is cancelled. Can you confirm?

If we hear from a band, venue or promoter that an event has been cancelled or rescheduled, we will indicate this on our website. You can click on the event name to see if we have further information.

Why do I need to check with the venue before travelling to an event?

While we make a lot of effort to ensure that our listings are as accurate as possible, we can't guarantee that they're always completely correct.

Sometimes we're not told about events that get cancelled or rescheduled, sometimes the information we receive is incorrect, and, of course, we occasionally make mistakes when we're adding listings to the website.

Although errors are quite rare, if you're planning to travel any distance to an event, checking with the venue first is the best way to ensure that you're not disappointed!

Questions about tickets

I've moved house. How do I get the tickets sent to my new address?

Please get in touch by entering your order reference number in our ticket tracker.

Do I need to register / log in to Ents24 to buy tickets?

There's no need to log into Ents24 to buy tickets. If tickets are available to buy online, you can click on the ticket logo next to the event you're interested in.

What is your ticket refund policy?

If the event is cancelled, moved or rescheduled, or if the headline artist does not appear then you can receive refund the face value of the tickets. Refunds can not be given if you can no longer go to the event, if a support act changes, or if a festival line-up changes.

When will my tickets arrive?

We aim to send out tickets as soon as we can, but we often have to wait until they are released to us by the organiser or box office. In some cases, this may not happen until quite close to the start of the event.

If you have not received tickets two working days before the event is due to start, please let us know.

(If you're buying tickets as a present, to make sure you don't arrive empty handed, we've made a gift certificate creator to help you make a great looking certificate).

My tickets have been lost or stolen, can you replace them?

Ents24 sells tickets on behalf of promoters, bands and venues. Their policies may prohibit us from issuing exchanges or refunds for lost, stolen, or damaged tickets.

Can a third party collect my tickets from the box office?

No. The cardholder needs to collect and produce the credit card used to make payment and sign a receipt. This is part of the credit card merchant agreement and is in place to protect both Ents24 and the cardholder from potential credit card fraud.

Why am I charged booking fees / transaction fees on top of the price of the ticket?

See an explanation of booking fees and transaction charges.

Why don't you print ID on tickets to prevent touts re-selling them?

We sell tickets on behalf of venues and promoters, and they decide what measures they want to take. Some festivals, such as Glastonbury, ask customers to register photographs in advance which are then printed on the ticket. However, schemes such as this also prevent people buying tickets as gifts or giving them to friends if they can't go.

Questions asked by artists, venues and promoters

My gig has been cancelled. Can you update the website urgently?

Yes - we can make changes to our listings right up to the last minute. Please contact us..

Why doesn't my event appear in the weekly e-mail newsletter?

All events that are sent in to us are displayed on the website - we currently add around 10,000 new events nationwide each week and have approximately 32,000 venues listed on our database. Unlike the website, the regional newsletter is limited on space - we only have the space to show a small selection of the events happening in a users' area each week. Obviously we cannot fit all the events that are displayed on the website in to a weekly newsletter, so, to try to ensure that events on the newsletter are of interest to the reader, each newsletter is unique and is generated by computer based on the subscriber's interests (if they've set them in My Ents24) and their postcode. This means that while the event may not appear in your newsletter, it may well appear in other people's.

Can I sell tickets for my events through the Ents24 website?

If you sell tickets through one of our ticketing partners (currently See Tickets, TicketWeb, Ticketmaster, AXS, Eventim, Gigantic, Ticket Text and WeGotTickets) we will provide a link for people to buy tickets online.

How do I add or update my biography / website / picture on the Ents24 website?

Using Ents24 Backstage you can add events to the website, update your profile and add MP3s and pictures.

How many people visit the Ents24 website?

Currently more than 2 million people visit the website every month.

How do I get my gigs/events listed on the Ents24 website?

For full information, see our Submit Events page.

I want to book a particular band/comedian for my venue, how do I do it?

Currently, the best way to contact an artist is through their official website. Often we will provide a link on the artists page on our site. Otherwise a search on Google will usually help you to find their site. In the near future, we hope to be able to make contact details available for artists through the Ents24 website, where we have their permission. At the moment, though, we are not allowed make this information available or pass on emails etc.

I'd like to play at a particular venue, who should I contact?

Currently, the best way is to contact a venue through their official website or by telephone. In the near future, we hope to be able to make contact details available for venue managers/promoters through the Ents24 website, where we have their permission. At the moment, though, we are not allowed make this information available or pass on emails etc.

My question isn't answered here

How do I get in touch?

If you have a question about tickets you have bought, please see our ticket help page. For all other enquiries, please contact us..

Alternatively, you can write to us at Ents24 Ltd., King William House, 13 Queen Square, BRISTOL BS1 4NT.