ArcTanGent 2015

at Fernhill Farm, Compton Martin

This event has been and gone.

ArcTanGent is the UK's only festival dedicated to the very best music from the worlds of math-rock, post-rock and noise rock. Held just outside the amazing city of Bristol in August, you'll get 3 nights camping, over 70 bands across 4 stages, a silent disco and some of the best food and drink money can buy.

Visit www.arctangent.co.uk for further information.


Dillinger Escape Plan

Dillinger Escape Plan appearing at this event

Classic heavy metal meets nu-metal hardcore in a cacophony of furious, angry noise, focused with an intense need for catharsis.

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65daysofstatic appearing at this event

Instrumental post-rock band from Sheffield. Breaking fuzzy glitch-beats with their guitars and destroying stages with their live performances, this band is not one to miss.

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Deafheaven appearing at this event

Deafheaven are a genre defying aggressive Metal band from San Francisco, CA. Their hybrid musical approach is outright stunning. A melding of epic Post Rock leanings (Envy, Godspeed You! Black Emperor) with experimental Black Metal (Xasthur, Weakling, Leviathan), and classic era "Screamo" (Orchid, Crimson Curse) into something never successfully experienced before.

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Rolo Tomassi

Rolo Tomassi appearing at this event

25 second assaults alternate with 10 minute sick and twisted trilogies, self destruction, carnage, power, and energy. Over the top of it a girl howls and screams her throat to blood and shreds over moving and powerful, yet meaningless lyrics. It's like a shark attack experience, where you'll find your self mentally swimming in the calm melody before you're hurled through a short, sharp blast of speed and aggression, suddenly you can catch your breath in some sort of oxygen pocket until you're finally ripped up again by the bands variety, unpredictability and ingenious self expression.

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Talons appearing at this event

Forging the explosive energy of hardcore, the subtleties of post-rock and the fractured song structures and complexities associated with math-rock, Talons possess a fascinating sense of urgency and drive, with a sound that both soothes and savages in equal measure.

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Her Name Is Calla

Her Name Is Calla appearing at this event

Her Name is Calla are a four-piece from Leicester/Leeds who play music to make films to. They deploy sounds and textures to build personal images. They do not adhere to any genre, instead making music that grips them in some way. 'The aural equivalent of open heart surgery without anaesthesia. Simply perfect.' - Losing Today

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The Algorithm

The Algorithm appearing at this event

The brainchild of talented producer Rémi Gallego, The Algorithm infuses modern metal riffs and breakdowns with a menagerie of electronic subgenres such as dupstep, IDM, chiptune and breakcore to concoct his own potent style of fiercely heavy music. Armed with drummer Jean Ferry, the live shows involve guitars, bass, synths, drums in an hypnotic performance, delivering a one-of-a-kind musical and visual experience. For fans of Nine Inch Nails, Daft Punk or Meshuggah.

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Tangled Hair

Tangled Hair appearing at this event

Featuring ex-members of Colour. Ambient enthused Math Pop.

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Flood Of Red

Flood Of Red appearing at this event

Glaswegian six-piece Flood of Red are emo, screamo post-hardcore rockers whose energy and emotion is accompanied by hints of classic metal heard in their bass and percussion parts. Their experiments with synthesizers and electronic effects give them a modern edge suited to their age but doesn't infringe upon the fact that this is classic emo rock.

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Prosperina appearing at this event

South Wales' 3-piece Prosperina capably fuse musical complexity with an instinctive hooky lyrical melody; referencing both the classic rock of the past (Pink Floyd, Kyuss, Soundgarden) and the present (Tool, Isis, Mastodon). Their exhilarating vocals and catchy hooks provide an anthemic appeal that fuels the listener with the inability to contain movement.

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Downbeat, dark and enchantingly melancholic rock for fans of Isis, Pelican, Battle Of Mice and Bossk.

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Black Peaks

Black Peaks appearing at this event

This Brighton four piece play a cross between aggressive hardcore, the grandeur of post rock and the atypical characteristics of math rock.

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11 Paranoias

'Ferocious noises from the strange end of the cosmic swamp. Riffs that will trill and terrify you!'

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Body Hound

Body Hound appearing at this event

Featuring ex-members of both Rolo Tomassi and Antares, four piece Body Hound are Sheffield’s newest instrumental shredders. Having formed in late 2013, Body Hound continute to turn heads with their unique sound whilst sharing the stage alongside the likes of Deafheaven, Crash Of Rhinos, Enemies and Alright The Captain. Their music an intelligent series of demanding complexities and vigorous song structures; it’s clear why the Northern quartet have been so well received within the alternative live scene.

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Tacoma Narrows Bridge Disaster

Tacoma Narrows Bridge Disaster appearing at this event

Progressive metal band based in London. Oozing textural soundscapes then smashing them down with earth-shattering riffs. Influences include Tool, Pelican, Riverside, Oceansize, Porcupine Tree, Explosions In The Sky and The Mars Volta.

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Gum Takes Tooth

Thomas Fuglesang’s live acoustic drums are physically wired into home grown electronic instruments and bare circuit boards that are tweaked, moulded and mangled in real-time by Jussi Brightmore. Jaxon Paine provides rhythmic counterpoint on second drum kit. Gum Takes Tooth is all live. No laptops, samplers, backing tracks, guitars or basses feature in Gum Takes Tooth.

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Cleft appearing at this event

Cleft were a turbo-prog two-piece band from Manchester who made massive, dirty, instrumental music using a guitar and some drums.

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AKDK appearing at this event

AK/DK are Graham Sowerby and Ed Chivers. They both play drums and synths. The shows include improvisations; ranging from the chaotic to the beautiful. Their mix of abstract electronics and raucous energy has already earned them support slots with artists as diverse as Fujiya & Miyagi and Three Trapped Tigers.

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Alpha Male Tea Party

Alpha Male Tea Party appearing at this event

A three piece Alternative band from Liverpool, they combine the scope and intensity of groups like Battles and Blakfish with the mad-cap divinations of Devo. For a genre and scene that can wallow in pretension, AMTP stand out with their surrealist mores; humourous song titles, unsubtle dress sense and a nod to weirder sides of life. They have so far played alongside the likes of Adebisi Shank, And So I Watch You From Afar, Tubelord and many more.

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We Never Learned To Live

'Post-Rock inspired cathartic misery from Brighton.'

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Trojan Horse

Great Manchester-based alternative rock band.

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Alright The Captain

Alright The Captain appearing at this event

Alright the Captain are a three piece band making their own loud experimental, noisy math, post-jazz rock!

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Obe appearing at this event

Beautifully destructive, cinematic instrumental post-rock.

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Patchwork Natives

A dynamic crossover of linear based and groove based music using elements of classic math, Japanese math, hip hop, emo, and jazz.

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Pocket Apocalypse

Pocket Apocalypse appearing at this event

Finding themselves out on a limb in the city of Liverpool - not known for its kindness to alternative rock bands - Pocket Apocalypse are turning their differences into their strengths as they artfully interweave post-rock, math-rock and progressive influences into an anthemic sound that often defies expectation. Already drawing early comparisons with the likes of Oceansize, Arcane Roots, ASIWYFA and Queens Of The Stone Age, their genre-spanning style delivers proficient instrumentation alongside stadium-ready choruses with soaring melodies.

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Originally from Chicago, Juffage (aka Jeff T Smith) is now Leeds-based. His compelling live performances bring multi-layered recordings to the stage, utilizing drums, basses, cassettes, guitars, synths, seamless live-looping, and super-colossal multitastking to construct complex, yet surprising catchy pop songs.

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Vodun appearing at this event

Afro-punk doom rockers from London.

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Progressive punk band from Cornwall, UK.

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Vasa appearing at this event

Vasa are a 4-piece instrumental rock band from Glasgow. Merging the ambience and crushing crescendos of post rock with the finger tapping and time changes of math rock, Vasa have been making noise all over Scotland since January 2012.

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Eschar appearing at this event

Creating rich labyrinthine melodies that all come wrapped up in tight riffs, these boys are as hard hitting as any metal band while still retaining sprawling celestial spaces amongst the heaviness.

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Steve Strong

A one man arsenal of beats, tapped guitar and lush, texural melodies. His music is as witheld as it is grandiose, as skeletal as it is layered, equal parts shimmering and pulsing. It glimmers, swings and explodes in all the right places, sliding gracefully from one section to another, played as tightly as it is loose and free. Steve's ability to bridge the gap between technical ability and captivation is completely instinctual. His music seems to encompass many different styles without feeling contrived or forced, every strand of inspiration in Steve's music is carefully placed and melted.

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Helms Alee

Helms Alee appearing at this event

Helms Alee is a Seattle three-piece formed in 2007 by Ben Verellen (Harkonen, Roy, These Arms Are Snakes) and is completed by Dana James and Hozoji Margullis. The band combines heavy rock with melodic arrangements and seems to have an ear for excellent composing. All members of the band exchange lead vocals duties and occasionally teams up for harmonies.

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Downard appearing at this event

Atmospheric two-piece rock combo from Bristol.

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Deerhoof appearing at this event

Crazy electro-pop from California. Fronted by the bitter-sweet vocals of Satomi Matsuzaki, Deerhoof are the kind of band who deliberately lull listeners into a false sense of security, by slowly introducing a melody and then ripping it away before it ever takes hold. Backed by meandering synths and eighties dance-pop guitars the group have become a favourite amongst fans of the art-electro genre. ‘…the music of Deerhoof is anchored by sweet melodies and hypnotic rhythmic movement. Though it veers in and out of pop territory, the California-based quartet is just as betrothed to chance and intuition as their less listenable counterparts.’ - PopMatters

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Blanck Mass

Blanck Mass appearing at this event

Blanck Mass is the electronic solo project of Benjamin John Power, one of the founding members of drone outfit F**k Buttons.

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That F***ing Tank

That F***ing Tank appearing at this event

Since 2004, Leeds riff-spewing duo TFT have built an international following through the volume and power of their live shows and intensive touring schedule. 2006's album 'Day of Death by Bono Adrenalin Shock' (Jealous Records) garnered the band more mainstream attention, resulting in Maida Vale BBC sessions and broadening their audience outside of DIY circles. That F*cking Tank, however, are proud of their DIY heritage and continue to book their own tours, run a record label and promotions collective and record their albums themselves. That F*cking Tank's sound has developed over the years from a stripped down repetitive riff and groove, resting on James' hard hitting drums and the volume created by Andy's simultaneous use of guitar and bass amplifiers, towards a more complex and refined sound incorporating elements of the pairs musical influences from classic rock through to avant noise. They still retain those f*cking heavy grooves though.

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Brontide appearing at this event

Indie-rock formed from ex-members of I Was A Cub Scout and Malpas. They combine mathy riffs with finely textured bass lines and technical drums that will melt your pretty little face off. They have toured with Minus The Bear and played with the likes of Pulled Apart By Horses, Rolo Tomassi and The XX.

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Mutiny On The Bounty

Mutiny On The Bounty appearing at this event

A four piece math rock / indie band based in Luxembourg. Their mixture of math rock englobes more synthetic and electronic sounding elements (which is very noticeable in the guitar sounds that are sometimes closer to an organ or a keyboard than a guitar) and their songwriting is more varied and melodic than the past.

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Delta Sleep

Delta Sleep appearing at this event

It's been a stacked 12 months for Delta Sleep. The band released the excellent 'Ghost City' (Big Scary Monsters) in August 2018, which saw them land at #1 on the Bandcamp Rock Chart and clock 5million Spotify streams by the close of the year. Since the records' release, they have tirelessly put in tens of thousands of miles on the road, racking up sold out shows on 3 continents; three US & Canada tours, hitting Europe on Mineral's 20th anniversary tour, appearances at the likes of ArcTanGent and Truck Festivals, and an upcoming tour of Asia, taking in Japan, Philippines, Thailand and Singapore. And then there was also the release of their 'Ghost City Rarities' EP (ft. Tricot) to boot. Where they would be forgiven for stopping for a breather, they have instead just announced a mini world tour hitting Japan, Thailand, Philippines, Singapore, UK, Ireland, USA, Mexico and announced a new EP Younger Years! Get set for another year of Delta Sleep.

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Axes are a four piece based in London via Essex, Scotland, Iran and Denmark who create exciting and surprising instrumental music that combines playful melodic hooks, brutal dissonance and danceable grooves, reminiscent of label-mates Talons and Adebisi Shank.

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The Fierce And The Dead

The Fierce And The Dead appearing at this event

This trio (bassist/producer Kev Feazey and guitarists Matt Stevens and Steve Cleaton and drummer Stuart Marshall) produce lovingly crafted noise. Crunching, post-rock with big fuzzy grunge bass riffs, rupturing into audacious, offbeat time signatures laid underneath vast, catchy guitar riffing.

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USA Nails

USA Nails appearing at this event

London based psychy noise rock band featuring current and past members of Kong, Oceansize, Silent Front, Hawk Eyes, Mayors of Miyazaki.

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The Fall Of Troy

The Fall Of Troy appearing at this event

A decidedly original and exciting American three-piece. 'Technical proficiency that will boggle the mind and excite the senses. Endless guitar stings and bass thumps stretch out, entangle, and swallow up the listener like an octopus tightly hugging its prey. The Fall of Troy tightly packs frantic pop and punk-rock and metal together into a sound that surprisingly never becomes too overbearing or knotty to enjoy'- www.faketrain.com. Photo credit Aya Sato.

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Maybeshewill appearing at this event

Maybeshewill are an instrumental band based in Leicestershire, UK. Sticking to steadfastly DIY ethics, the band have self recorded all their material to date and aspire to be as self sufficient as possible.

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Vessels appearing at this event

Five-piece electronica outfit Vessels shook 2017 with “one of the year’s best dance music albums” (The Art Desk). Following career-defining sets at Berlin’s Berghain, Beat Herder and Simple Things, Vessels perform live in The Lantern with all the “beat-driven sensibility and deftness of arrangement” (Loud and Quiet) we have come to expect. Taking the lead from Caribou, Jon Hopkins and Four Tet, Vessels make music that is clever, intricate and “stupidly enjoyable” (Drowned in Sound).A new start for the Leeds band formerly known as A Day Left, expect some brilliantly catchy and ferociously intelligent noises in the same vein as Aerogramme and Oceansize.

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Lone Wolf

See Lone Wolf tour dates

Cult Of Luna

Cult Of Luna appearing at this event

Klas Rydberg and Johannes Persson of the now deceased hardcore combo, Eclipse, formed Cult of Luna in 1999 in the interests of broadening their horizons to encompass a more emotionally expressive, raw and heavy brand of music. In the following years, Cult of Luna gained critical acclaim and an international touring habit, travelling along an upward curve to bring their cynically brooding sound ever further afield.

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Lite appearing at this event

Lite are a four-piece instrumental rock band formed in Japan in 2003. The band are known for their thrilling and emotional compositions, progressive, edgy riffs and complex rhythms. Their explosive live show and tireless touring in the US, Europe and Asia along with worldwide album releases have brought acclaim from all quarters.

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Toundra appearing at this event

An instrumental rock band from Madrid who formed in 2007 from the ashes of the recently dissolved Nacen De Las Cenizas. At times the music brings to mind bands like Isis, Neurosis or Pelican to Mogwai, or even to the more progressive and less metal Tool, but never so much as to sound outdated or unoriginal.

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