ArcTanGent 2015

ArcTanGent 2015

at Fernhill Farm, Compton Martin

This event has been and gone.

ArcTanGent is the UK's only festival dedicated to the very best music from the worlds of math-rock, post-rock and noise rock. Held just outside the amazing city of Bristol in August, you'll get 3 nights camping, over 70 bands across 4 stages, a silent disco and some of the best food and drink money can buy.

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Dillinger Escape Plan

Dillinger Escape Plan appearing at this event

Classic heavy metal meets nu-metal hardcore in a cacophony of furious, angry noise, focused with an intense need for catharsis.

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65daysofstatic appearing at this event

Instrumental post-rock band from Sheffield. Breaking fuzzy glitch-beats with their guitars and destroying stages with their live performances, this band is not one to miss.

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Deafheaven appearing at this event

Deafheaven are a genre defying aggressive Metal band from San Francisco, CA. Their hybrid musical approach is outright stunning. A melding of epic Post Rock leanings (Envy, Godspeed You! Black Emperor) with experimental Black Metal (Xasthur, Weakling, Leviathan), and classic era "Screamo" (Orchid, Crimson Curse) into something never successfully experienced before.

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British Theatre

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Rolo Tomassi

Rolo Tomassi appearing at this event

25 second assaults alternate with 10 minute sick and twisted trilogies, self destruction, carnage, power, and energy. Over the top of it a girl howls and screams her throat to blood and shreds over moving and powerful, yet meaningless lyrics. It's like a shark attack experience, where you'll find your self mentally swimming in the calm melody before you're hurled through a short, sharp blast of speed and aggression, suddenly you can catch your breath in some sort of oxygen pocket until you're finally ripped up again by the bands variety, unpredictability and ingenious self expression.

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Rated Excellent

Fernhill Farm

Cheddar Road
Compton Martin
BS40 6LD

Fernhill Farm

Cheddar Road
Compton Martin
BS40 6LD