Deborah Catterall

at St Andrew's Church, Colchester

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An intimate and loving look at Mary through the eyes of medieval song, with readings from the fascinating gnostic
gospel of Mary Magdalene.

As Claire Pfann, academic dean at the University of the Holy Land in Jerusalem, said, "Mary Magdalene must be seen
for what she was: An independent woman who has discretionary time and wealth from the city of Magdala, not
identified by a father or a husband, whose life was dramatically restored, healed, changed by her encounter with this
Jewish itinerant teacher and healer, Jesus of Nazareth.”

Deborah Catterall

A singer of early music, and a renowned workshop leader and educator.

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Leah Stuttard

Lancashire-born medieval harp player.

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St Andrew's Church

  • Church Lane
  • Marks Tey
  • Colchester
  • CO6 1LW