Ugg 'n' Ogg & The World's First Dogg


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Theatre Fideri Fidera brings a new family show for younger audiences.

Thousands of years ago in the fresh, sparkling world just after the last Ice Age there were no dogs; there were wolves but we didn't like them and they didn't like us. But then, luckily for us, along came two young hunter-gatherers Ugg 'n' Ogg to befriend the wolves Tooth 'n' Nail and embark on a fun-packed adventure where despite flying meat bones, sabre-toothed tigers, woolly mammoths, forest infernos and even a time travelling stick, they finally get to invent our best friend the dog.

A new play inspired by the amazing evolutionary process that transformed the wolf into man’s best friend and all the dogs in the world today.

Tarvin Community Centre

  • Meadow Close
  • Tarvin
  • Chester
  • CH3 8LY

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