Lloyd Cole

Lloyd Cole

at Tramshed, Cardiff

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This show was rescheduled from 5th April 2021 (originally 23rd September 2020 / 4th April 2020).

It will come as a surprise to no-one that Lloyd Cole’s originally announced UK tour for April ’20, since moved to September ’20, then April ’21, has been moved once again to February 2022 due to…well you know what it’s due to...

Lloyd says "Well, the plan was to resume the ‘From Rattlesnakes to Guesswork’ UK tour in April and April it will be, just a year later. It may need a new name, as there’s every chance I’ll have a new album by then. There isn’t much else for me to do in this interminable interim".

His latest album, 'Guesswork', mirrors the uncertainty of the world as you enter your third act, and is consistent with a record whose protagonists seem reluctant to venture confidently beyond the moment.


Lloyd Cole

Lloyd Cole appearing at this event

'Burst on to the scene' is a horribly overused phrase but it's exactly what Lloyd Cole and the Commotions did in 1984 with 'Perfect Skin', 'Forest Fire' and their era-defining album 'Rattlesnakes'. They went from Glasgow clubs to stadiums in 18 months. Hits 'Lost Weekend' and 'Brand New Friend' propelled LP2 'Easy Pieces' to the upper reaches of the album charts all over the world. One last album 'Mainstream' and one last hit 'Jennifer She Said', and by 1989 they were gone. In 1990 Lloyd Cole launched a solo career and has been making albums ever since. In the early 2000s Cole retreated somewhat from rock/pop, performing mostly acoustically, but his 2013 album 'Standards' took fans, critics, and maybe even the artist himself, aback with its brash electric rock'n'roll sound. It was universally acclaimed, Cole was back on TV, and there was an undeniable demand for some electric band shows. But there was no band. Cole contacted old Glasgow pals The Leopards (Mick Slaven and Campbell Owens) and asked if they might like to play some shows... supplemented by ex Commotion Blair Cowan on keyboards, Lloyd Cole and the Leopards was born.

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