at Squish Pop-Up Theatre, Camberley

One woman stands against the greatest civilization ever known. She fights for the freedom of her people. Rome is formidable. But she is fierce. She won’t back down. The question is...should she?

Boudica is a fast-paced, action-packed show steered by charming characters, with an innovative approach to engaging with the audience. We use experienced facilitators to bring the children into the world of the play, welcoming their input -whether that’s through rhythmic participation, atmospheric activities or playing key characters. The story is dramatically told from both sides, challenging the children to ask...Who am I going to fight for?

The Wild Geese have over 15 years of experience creating active and immersive theatre for children. With accessibility and inclusivity at the heart of everything we do, this epic taleincorporates interactive storytelling techniques that brings children into the world of the play. We put our audience at the centre of the action; they are not just watching a play, they are in one.

Squish Pop-Up Theatre

The Square Shopping Centre
GU15 3SY

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