Doomsday Outlaw

at Nightrain, Bradford

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Doomsday Outlaw - a ten-legged hard rock, blues tinged juggernaut based in darkest Derbyshire. Coupling huge riffs and killer grooves with soaring, soulful vocals to deliver timeless tales of heartbreak and redemption, the group is set to show off its distinctive sound to the legions of hard rock faithful around the globe via a new album, 'Hard Times’, which had its worldwide release via Frontiers in May 2018.

The album quickly gained great reviews from across the globe:

"Doomsday Outlaw have it all - great riffs, solid rhythms and a singer who should be spoken about in the same company as Rodgers, Coverdale, Hughes, Overland etc. Buy this album; it's the only thing you'll ever need. Just a shame I can't give it eleven. 10 out of 10." - Powerplay Magazine

"The band have once again delivered an absolute corker. Doomsday Outlaw are doing everything right." - Fireworks Magazine

"Doomsday Outlaw are destined to be a big name on the British rock circuit and 'Hard Times' shows a band that is going places and fast" - Rock Society

"Their bluesy, groove laden rock is delivered with confidence and swagger. Doomsday Outlaw have shown that they are no longer just a band with promise but are delivering on that potential right now." - Metal Talk


Doomsday Outlaw

Doomsday Outlaw appearing at this event

Out of the primordial ooze come Doomsday Outlaw! A ten-legged Armageddon machine rolling out of darkest Derbyshire, spitting heavy riffs and heavier grooves in all directions. Tales of hope and despair to bang your head to and lose your voice.

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Daxx & Roxane

Daxx & Roxane appearing at this event

Screeching guitars and soaring vocals, Daxx & Roxane is outright raw Hard Rock. Hailing from Montreux, Switzerland, the band roots itself in the old school rock and metal of the likes of Motörhead, Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple. Their strength resides in the passion and energy they deliver onstage, and in the sheer power of their sound, mixing the hard rock attitude to the savageness of heavy metal, defining their sound as 'hard and heavy'.

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  • 7-17 Queensgate
  • Bradford
  • BD1 1RB