Metal To The Masses Heat 1 - New Millennial Mayham

at Palladium Club, Bideford

This event has been and gone.

Metal to the Masses kicks off in the new year with a fantastic line up of bands, two of which will progress to the semi finals for a chance to win a spot on the hollowed ground of Bloodstock for their 20th year anniversiary!

The bands are:


Rising stars of the Uk rock scene with memorable riff heavy hard rock music, playing grunge inspired tunes with bags of groove and attitude. Based in South Devon UK.


Alternative Rock taking strong influence from Progressive, Jazz, Math Rock, Indie and Post-Hardcore.


Trilobite formed at the Sorry Head jam night in Exeter in November 2015. Since then they have been building a repertoire of complex, cerebral but strangely listenable progressive music that blends characteristics of Genesis, Meshuggah, Tool and Animals as Leaders among others.

In 2016 Trilobite released their debut EP "Pathogens" and immediately got to work on their monstrously huge single "Trilobite", which was released in 2017.


Twin 7-string. twin vocal, low bass driven by relentless percussion.
For fans of New Wave of American Heavy Metal with a British Twist.


The Palladium Club

  • Lower Gunstone
  • Bideford
  • EX39 2DE

01237 478860