The Cosmic Dead


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Pagan love vibrations and RMT present THE COSMIC DEAD

The Cosmic Dead are a psychonautal cosmodelic buckfaustian quartet from Glasgow, Scotland. Since 2010, they have been exploring the outer reaches of Krautrock, doom and psychedelia, tasting the extremes of sound and fusing them into a single, all-enveloping web of stratospheric riffing, otherworldly ambience and kosmische textures that has spread itself across countless shows throughout all Europe.

For anyone who hasn't yet stood before the Dead and their live homage to the cosmos, expect religious devotion to synthesised dreamworlds, subsonic grooves, guitaristic splendour and the vast, hypnotic sounds of Hawkwind and Popol Vuh eternally jamming in the Möbius strip of time and space.


The Cosmic Dead

The Cosmic Dead appearing at this event

"The Cosmic Dead are four psychedelic warlords from Glasgow with a penchant for trippy, long-form grooves that summon the spirit of Komische legends such as Neu! and Can and the Space-Prog oscillations of Hawkwind, amongst other trance-inducing influences." - Phantom Channel

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