Thu 12th Dec 2019 - Sun 12th Jan 2020

Beauty And The Beast

One of the most popular fairy tales of all, Beauty & The Beast is the story of Belle who finds herself imprisoned in an enchanted castle by a prince who has been transformed into a hideous beast by an evil sorceress.

Can Belle see beyond the beast’s appearance and fall in love with her captor? Will the beast return to the world he once knew and win the hand of the girl who has melted his heart?

With a cast of larger than life characters, sidesplitting comedy, sumptuous costumes, fabulous scenery and a thrilling transformation scene, this traditional family pantomime received its UK premiere last year with five star reviews and record ticket sales.

The script has been written by much-loved Bath comedian and panto legend Jon Monie who will star as Louis La Plonk following huge acclaim for his performance in Peter Pan in 2018. Jon will be reviving his hilarious comedy partnership with Nick Wilton, EastEnders‘ Mr Lister and one of the best dames in the business, who makes a welcome return to Bath after starring here in Aladdin, Jack and the Beanstalk and Snow White.

Wendi Peters

Coronation Street actress and Celebrity Masterchief finalist.

Jon Monie

An award-winning comedian and a television presenter for both ITV and BBC.

Nick Wilton

Bath Theatre Royal & Ustinov Studio

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Bath Theatre Royal & Ustinov Studio