Star F**king Hipsters

The Sanctuary, Basingstoke

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Star F**king Hipsters

Star Fucking Hipsters is a punk rock band that was started by Leftöver Crack's vocalist Stza and drummer Brandon (former X-Possibles) as a side project. Unfortunately, Brandon died before the band was fully formed. However, Stza continued and the band played their first shows in the Summer of 2005. See for more information.

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Chewing On Tinfoil

Chewing On Tinfoil appearing at this event

Take some guys. Add a handful of instruments and sprinkle with a mess of influences, and you've managed to make Chewing on Tinfoil. Rinse and repeat vigorously for three years in a cottage built on the burial site of an ex-communicated, fornicating monk, and the result is a band that play music they like.

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Ash Victim

The Sanctuary

  • 18 London Street
  • Basingstoke
  • RG21 7NT
01256 352 622