Star F**king Hipsters

at The Sanctuary, Basingstoke

This event has been and gone.

Summerburst Crack Rock Combo - The Choking Victim Show

Star F**king Hipsters

Star Fucking Hipsters is a punk rock band that was started by Leftöver Crack's vocalist Stza and drummer Brandon (former X-Possibles) as a side project. Unfortunately, Brandon died before the band was fully formed. However, Stza continued and the band played their first shows in the Summer of 2005. See for more information.

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Morning Glory

M-Glory is a group of New York City musicians who came together in the interest of making music fun for themselves again. With roots deep in the politi-kil punk scene of the Lower East Side and Brooklyn, MG's lyrical content never strays far from the things they see as axiom, tho it tends to be more personal than other bands and projects they've been in over the years. The music is heavy and melodic and meant to be played out doors under the sun. Big anthemic choruses and sped up verses bring it somewhere in between early Oasis and The Clash, yet they defy and abhor labels, preferring just to write what they hear in their collective head.

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The Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

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Also Appearing

Luvdump, Schlogg!!

The Sanctuary

  • 18 London Street
  • Basingstoke
  • RG21 7NT

01256 352 622