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Adam H

Adam has been playing regularly for more than 8 years and his skills and reputation as a DJ have taken him to some of the world's most prestigious venues both in the UK and on the international circuit.

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Ashley Beedle

One of the great names in quality UK house music with true originality behind the decks. Has been involved in dance music for over twenty years, but had his breakthrough in 1992 with the progressive classic 'De-Niro', and is also well respected for his work with X-press 2. As far as DJing goes, Ashley has worked all over the world with residencies at MOS, Cream and Renaissance to name a few.

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Bernie Connor

Former DJ on the now defunct Crash FM and all round music oracle, Bernie Connor. Check out his podcast, 'The Sound Of Music'. This is a weekly broadcast featuring music, movement, colour and light via the miracle of the electronic airwave. If you've heard of Connor you'll be under no illusion as to the exceptionally high standard of his record collection. Or, if you're just looking for some musical enlightenment have a listen and prepare to be converted.

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Beverley Martyn

One of the most enigmatic folk singers of the late 60s.

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This Cardiff-based band sing dreamy folk/pop songs in both English and Welsh. Their 2010 single 'Cerdyn Nadolig' was Christmas Number 1 on the BBC Radio Cymru chart. Led by Carwyn Ellis, singer, multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, arranger and producer known to have worked with some pretty big names, Colorama are increasingly emerging in their own right for playing and singing some of the most moving and captivating songs around.

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10-piece afro-beat, funk and soul band.

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Indie-rockers from Wrexham.

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Houdini Dax

Houdini Dax appearing at this event

Houdini Dax are Cardiff's bulgingly exciting eclipsing sensation. Come see the Great Houdini Dax do their thing in a music venue near you...

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James Holroyd

James Holroyd appearing at this event

A resident DJ at Basics in Leeds and co-founder of Bugged Out. He is an international funk and house DJ.

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Jez Kerr

Jez Kerr appearing at this event

Front man from MCR legends A Certain Ratio. Jez's new solo band includes long time collaborator Keo on guitar and keyboards, Lucy Power on guitar and Raul C on drums. Following the success of his new single Control Myself (itun.es/gb/bMpC4)? Jez steps out for a solo project playing live up and down the country. His well received Marc Riley session on BBC 6 music gave glimpses of a harder more menacing sound. Well worth checking out.

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Kelvin Andrews

An all round dancing music legend and original resident at Stoke's Golden. He co-wrote Robbie Williams' massive 'Rock DJ', and has even appeared on Top Of The Pops and on the cover of Smash Hits, as part of the breath-taking Candy Flip.

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Lone Pigeon

Lone Pigeon appearing at this event

AKA Gordon, ex-member (though how 'ex' is questionable) of The Beta Band, whose lo-fi style and accomplished songwriting embody the quality that his 'former' band still possess. He himself is a man of mystery...

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Mixmaster Morris

Festival favourite, King of the UK avant-garde and the hardest working chill-out DJ in the world who spins his own rebellious brand of trip-hop, techno and ambient jungle.

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Race Horses

Race Horses appearing at this event

Cardiff based indie popsters. A tuneful indie-pop sound with considerable psychedelic influences”, they have naturally been compared to Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci. BBC Music describes them as “showboating through psychedelia, sea shanties, folk, post-rock, electronica and pop."

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Smoove & Turrell

Smoove & Turrell appearing at this event

Geordie duo with the smoothest funk and soul sounds. A fabulous live Northern Soul influenced band, combined with Turrell's gravel-voiced, classic soul man vocals. Their material draws on subject matters which are aimed to make us stop and think, with songs such as the politically charged ‘Hate Seeking Missile’ balanced fittingly with uplifting stompers such as ‘I Feel Alive’, guarantee to get even the most resistant of dancers toe-tapping.

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Stealing Sheep

Stealing Sheep appearing at this event

A Liverpool-based trio that play alternative folk pop with delicate harmonies, medieval synths and drones, hypnotic beats, and spiraling whammy guitars.

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Terry Farley

Terry Farley appearing at this event

An integral part of the UK dance community since the late 80s combining muscular, sleazy house grooves with soulful New Jersey garage.

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The Idjut Boys

Dan Tyler and Conrad McDonnell with a startling amalgamation of sounds fusing deep house, dub, funk, and other twisted strands of modern electronica with Latin rhythms and African beats.

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The Loungs

The Loungs appearing at this event

Six hirsute gents from East Lancashire. A fantastic mix of folskie singalongs and blissed-out psychedelic playfulness. The NME, Q, Uncut and dozens of other publications have lauded its praises but even better still, they're a wicked live band pulling harmonies out of proverbial hats just for you. 'A barrel of roustabout fun. You'll be reeling, bopping and swinging your arms.' - STOOLPIGEON MAGAZINE.

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The Tea Street Band

The Tea Street Band appearing at this event

Liverpool's Tea Street Band are a mutilation in its most extreme that combines 808 State with Doves and the gang mentality of The Happy Mondays. The band have developed a remix and production relationship with fellow Liverpudlian Kooky Music.

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The Wicked Whispers

The Wicked Whispers appearing at this event

The Wicked Whispers are one of the most hotly-tipped acts emerging from new music scene in Liverpool. Taking inspiration from the psychedelic West Coast explosion of circa 1967-1969 along with overtones of country, soul and 60s French pop, The Wicked Whispers bring a dark twist to the combining genres creating something altogether new and unique.

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The Wild Eyes

Hailing from North Wales, now based in Liverpool, the trio released their debut 7”, ‘I Look Good On You’, in 2012. This blazing nugget of garage rock delirium was backed with the hypnotic, krautrock inflected grooves of ‘Too Much’. Both sides received radio play on BBC Radio Wales and Merseyside, and led to acclaimed appearances at Liverpool Psych Fest, Focus Wales, Liverpool Sound City and the Liverpool International Music Festival. An outbreak of gigs across the country saw the band earn a fierce live reputation, as they bared their awe at the still potent power of rock n’ roll, burning with an intensity born in the small towns of their youth. Sharing bills with acts as diverse as Deap Vally, Night Beats, Stealing Sheep and label-mates The Lucid Dream, the group made allies and won fans far and wide in their pursuit of aural transcendence. The Wild Eyes are drenched in reverb, mystery and sweat.

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We Are Animal

We Are Animal appearing at this event

Welsh alt-indie band formerly known as The Heights. Their debut demo album ‘Idolise’ was released in 2010 and was nominated for XFM’s ‘best new music of 2011’.

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Also Appearing

Brian G Morrison, By The Sea, Danny Mekanik, Mark Forshaw, Mr.Huw, Myles, Pulco

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