Bilge Pump

at The Tunnels, Aberdeen

This event has been and gone.

IMP are delighted to be putting on this night of varied eclectic music genres and hopefully be the first of occasional multi genre music events

Sat 30th November 2019
The Tunnels (1)
Doors 6.45pm


Bilge Pump
Youth Team
The Constant Follower

Bilge Pump
Leeds based Bilge Pump featuring Joe O'Sullivan, Emlyn Jones and Neil Turpin have been on our radar for a while and have played a 6 Music live session last year and seriously got our attention. Bilge Pump's style is post-punk with avant garde and free-jazz influences. Early on, the NME described Bilge Pump's sound as "unlistenable guff".They have since had various releases on Gringo Records, Troubleman Unlimited and Unlabel, and members have been involved with artists such as Enablers, Yann Tiersen, Polaris, Felix, Chris Corsano, HiM. Bilge Pump also recorded several John Peel Sessions, and received enough votes to be 95th on the list for ATP vs The Fans 2009. Since their inception, they have played with (among many others) Lightning Bolt, The Mars Volta, Hella, Foals and Les Savy Fav.[6] Joe makes custom valve amps and is registered disabled. Recently featured in Marc Riley BBC 6 music's best of 2018. New album "We Love You" finally out Feb 15th 2019 on Gringo Records. Anyone who has ever seen them will tell you they are loud. But loud and clear, defined patterns, riffs smoulder into drones and then catch fire again lyric's trimmed of fat, precise and witty. Listen to these songs and its feels like being in a pub whilst your mate recounts ludicrous theories and romantic woes. You don't know whether to laugh or cry and in the background the juke box belts out a mix of Queen, Neil Young, Pink Floyd, Bowie, Pil, King Crimson and The Shangri La's, half heard above the din so you keep filling in the bits you missed with your own

Youth Team
Is a solo project of mysterious Braemar based electronic artist Angus, youth team is angus and sometimes other people. He plays rural music for the cities, Glasgow sometimes, Braemar a lot of times, other places occasionally. Scottish Always. We are assured his/their set will be banging and you will have to decide on what his influences are. Whatever despite his few live outings Vic Galloway was impressed enough to have him
in his 25to watch in 2019. As an example his latest EP release is described as " A mini album/maxi EP Threshold Experience with ten minute ambient bangers, Popol Vuh inspired psychedelic trips, and guitars lovingly processed and destroyed ultiple times over". Certainly one to watch and listen to.

The Constant Follower
Opening the show tonight are three piece band that smells like freshly cut soaringambientdreampopxperimentalfolk. Focusing around Stephen McAll's delicate finger-picked acoustic guitar and sonorous vocal, their sound falls somewhere in the space visited by the likes of King Creosote & Jon Hopkins, Low and Sufjan Stevens. Their debut EP, self-released on 20th May, is already gaining much love; with airplay on BBC Radio 6 Music and praise from folks like Gideon Coe (BBC 6 Music), John Mulvey (Mojo) and Alex Gallacher (Folk Radio) & Vic Galloway. Please come early to see them. not to be missed but please be respectful and listen -;)


Bilge Pump

Bilge Pump appearing at this event

Organised noise, full of angular, abstract rhythms and frequent time changes. Post-post punk with sharp, brittle bones and a weight problem, long before hipsters told our kid brothers to like The Rapture.

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Also Appearing

Youth Team, The Constant Follower

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