The Kate Bush Song Book Tour Dates

The Kate Bush Song Book

Since embarking on their musical journey back in 2012, Cloudbusting have been touring theatres and music venues across the UK and Europe, exploring the intricacies and nuance of Kate’s stunning albums.

Along the way, many of those complex and at times powerful arrangements have demanded every ounce of musicality and virtuosity that the band could muster - but at more reflective moments, the true essence of Kate’s imaginative concepts have come to life with simply the voice and piano.

It’s these jewels of the song-writing craft that the ‘Song Book’ ensemble now performs - with Michael Mayell at the piano and Dave Roberts on bass backing the hauntingly beautiful vocals of Mandy Watson.

'The Song Book is a more intimate take on her many hits and a chance for us to explore some of her lesser-known, more mysterious songs,' explains Michael. 'As a child learning her music on the piano I was mesmerised by her melodies and chords, the like of which I'd never heard before. Her recordings use instruments and musicians from around the world, but it all starts with just Kate, her imagination and her piano. It is this essence we're trying to get back to with the Song Book.'

'Kate's vocal and lyrical experimentation is so strong, so powerful, that you can't help but fall under its spell,' says Mandy. 'The intimacy of this special show gives me an even stronger emotional bond with the music. I love exploring her more obscure work, songs such as A Coral Room and Kashka from Baghdad.'

Many of Kate’s original collaborators have been inspired to join Cloudbusting for stage performances - drummer Preston Heyman and dancer Stewart Avon Arnold, as well as bass player Del Palmer, who has also been an avid supporter of the ‘Song Book’ shows.

With material from across Kate’s 40 year career, interspersed with personal reflections and insights to many of the songs from Mandy, Michael and Dave, don’t miss your chance to join them for a magical evening in appreciation of ‘this woman’s work’.

“Her vocals were so good, I could have been listening to Kate herself!” Preston Heyman, Kate's studio and tour drummer.

The Kate Bush Song Book tour dates listed on since Oct 2016.

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