Stereolab Tour Dates

One of the most distinctive alternative bands to emerge in the 90s, Stereolab either celebrated forms of music that were on the fringe of rock, or brought attention to strands of pop music - bossa nova, lounge-pop, movie soundtracks - that were traditionally banished from the rock lineage.

Led by Tim Gane and Laetitia Sadier, the group's trademark sound - a droning, hypnotic rhythm track overlaid with melodic, mesmerizing singsong vocals, is often sung in French and often promoting revolutionary, Marxist politics - deceptively simple, this provided the basis for a wide array of stylistic experiments over the course of their prolific career.

Early 90's tracks like 'Ping Pong' and 'French DIsko' have continued to be alternative club and BBC 6Music staples, over 25 years on. The band have been on hiatus since 2009, but make their return in 2019 to bring people their hypnotic live shows once again.

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