Sean Meo Tour Dates

Veteran of Have I Got News For You, Saturday Live, Tarbuck Late and The Clive James Show, Sean Meo is a class act with some of the most intelligent and topical material around.

Smooth, dry and cuttingly funny, Meo swapped a career as a professional snooker player for comedy and quickly established himself as a serious player at the comedy clubs too, securing himself Time Out's Comedian Of The Year Award.

'He can turn out intelligent material with a speed that many other comics can only gasp at' (Time Out)

'Slick, confident patter... can win over the most committed hecklers' (ES Magazine)

'Truly hilarious' (The Scotsman)

'Surreal, sexy... and very, very funny' (Evening Standard)

'The heavenly banter goes on and on the thinking man's comedian' (Deadpan)

'Deliciously sardonic' (The Guardian).