Sean Kelly Tour Dates

Sean Kelly is the star presenter and auctioneer of the hit TV show Storage Hunters hosting both the American and UK versions. As a stand-up comedian his stage presence and energy are hard to contain, and to explain. It's kind of like watching a small, bald child who has a month's supply of sugar and only 5 minutes to completely destroy his parents’ house. His material is filled with unique influences such as growing up as an American kid in Germany to spending his teenage years in Italy, to serving an army combat tour in Iraq to spending time in over 50 other countries around the world. Another big influence is Sean's dysfunctional, yet loving and mildly retarded, family. Out of these influences and life experiences Sean has created a large, rich cast of characters that bring energy and life to his hilarious stories as he performs them on stage. Oh and at the end of the show he might even be persuaded to hold a live auction! Sean Kelly tour dates listed on since Apr 2015.