Red Priest Tour Dates

Piers Adams, recorders

Adam Summerhayes, violin

Angela East, cello

David Wright, harpsichord

The wildly virtuosic little band… entertainingly eccentric… great musicianship and irreverent humour… exquisite.” New York Times

From its origins as a young cutting-edge baroque band in the 1990s Red Priest has become established as an essential part of today's musical landscape, wowing audiences in all corners of the globe with its inventive, high-spirited, rule-breaking approach to music of the 17th and 18th centuries.

“I'm a terrific fan of Red Priest, who put the 'mad' into the 'mad baroque' — but with such style and inventiveness as to almost kick-start a new art-form… Summerhayes' lunatic arrangements will bring both quiet smiles and manic grins to every music-lover… beautiful counterpoint and effortless freedom with every phrase… This is world-class playing… there's nothing casual about intelligence mocking tradition like this. It will have required meticulous rehearsal, to be quite this immaculately crazy.”

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