Jon Sterckx Tour Dates

A versatile percussionist based in Stroud, near Bristol, South West UK, Jon has worked across a wide range of musical styles, from traditional musical forms to contemporary experimental styles, theatre and dance collaborations, live percussion sampling (live looping) and fusion collaborations.

Performances include: 2 performances at the globally renowned TED events, WOMAD Festival, Cadogan Hall with Christopher Tin & Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, London International Arts Festival, Llangollen International Eisteddfod, 3 Choirs Festival, Beautiful Days Festival, Larmer Tree Festival, Musicport, Drum Camp, Tribe of Doris, Kaya Festival, Cardiff Mela, Glasgow Mela, Belfast Mela.

“Few percussionists, no matter how skilled, can captivate and keep an eager festival audience with a solo performance but Jon Sterckx’s stunning Drumscapes are a masterclass in control and rhythm that hook the audiences from the first beats and carry them through to an invariably ecstatic climax.

Centred on the tabla, darabuka and riq (a Middle Eastern tambourine) Jon combines beats and rhythms from across the globe with cutting edge sampling and innovative vocal sculpting, building layered soundscapes that mix the experimental with the traditional and creating a uniquely intoxicating, exhilarating and, many say, trance inducing performance quite unlike any other.” Musicport Festival 2015.

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Jon Sterckx image © Joe D Miles