John Stainthorp Tour Dates

A prolific singer songwriter from the North East. From an early age John had an ever-growing passion for music. Starting out as a drummer he soon developed the need to gain more knowledge in the field of music. He then went on to learn bass and guitar in order to gain more of an understanding of the connection between these instruments. It is then when john began to excel and broaden his capabilities. John then started to compose and write his own material and in this found a great passion. Following this he then started to record his own compositions from a home studio which is where he found his love for engineering and music production. Leading him to the path he is on today.Throughout the years john has performed in a variety of bands, written sounds independently and collaboratively as well as engineered and produced a variety of artists and bands in both the DIY setting and within the studio setting. John has studied ‘Music Production and Performance’ at Leeds beckett University of which he has graduated with an Honours degree. This has led him to his current position working to build a career as a songwriter/producer.