Joe & Caspar Tour Dates

Joe & Caspar are very popular Youtube Vloggers known by almost everyone under they age of 17. They have over 11 million YouTube subscribers. Originally from the West Country, Joe moved to London to pursue his career as a full-time YouTuber in 2014. Complete with his own twist of humour, Joe’s original challenge and prank videos keep his highly engaged and growing audience coming back for more. His debut number one bestselling graphic novel broke numerous records and is the fastest selling debut graphic novel of all time in the UK. Caspar is a 22 year old social media entrepreneur. He entertains millions with his original brand of comedy and life observation in hilarious self-produced videos. As well as writing his own scripts, Caspar has a passion for acting. He travels between South Africa, LA and London and has an OBSESSION with pizza. A biography of Caspar’s life to date co-written by him and his mom was released in May 2016. Joe & Caspar tour dates listed on since Jul 2016.