Irene Rae Tour Dates

Irene Rae has toured the UK as a solo artist with 3 EPs and a solo album under her belt and in more recent times, accompanied by her band, who feature on the 2015 EP Hidden Secret. She was touted as ‘’one to watch’’ during the tour of Hidden Secret with a 4 star rating - ‘’moving and elegant song writing’’ from Maverick Magazine and reviews such as a ‘’strong voice and sophisticated song writing’’ from R2R Magazine. Some memorable moments include playing support for Midge Ure, Hazel O'Connor, John Power, The Levellers (acoustic), Owen Paul and Declan Bennett. Her style and lyrics have been compared to Joni Mitchell and Beverly Craven.

The Light Game is the first album for Rae and her band due for release on BimbleBug Records on 9th July 2019 on iTunes, Amazon and direct from the artist on

The album features 10 original tracks that focus on love and the insecurity that comes hand in hand with this emotion, the ebb and flow of friends and Rae’s viewpoint on news stories such as the prominent #metoo movement. The band feature: Stuart Dixon (Eddie Floyd/Geno Washington) on Guitar, Roger Inniss (Chaka Khan/Laurence Jones) on Bass, John Bowman (Jinja/Martina Wren) on Piano and Luke Szoltysek (D-Day Darlings) on drums. Recorded at Crescent Records Studios, Swindon, Produced by both Stuart Dixon and Roger Inniss.

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