Heart Of Rust Tour Dates

Neil Young and Crazy Horse Tribute.

Heart of Rust are a widely praised Neil Young & Crazy horse covers band, who are known for their authentic sound. They consist of David Henderson (lead vocals & guitar), Jamie Uchima (guitar), Tony Fitzpatrick (bass) and Jamie Hall (drums).

Their setlists cover Young's 40 year career, from his deeply personal acoustic numbers from the classic album Harvest to the amplified hard rockin Crazy Horse sound of the Rust Never Sleeps era and more.

What has been said about the band?

“Christ almighty, what an experience! To listen to a band so dedicated to the music they played.... What a privilege!” Davey Sloan, The Rattlers

“Thoroughly enjoyed it! Come back soon!” Robbie Yates. Edinburgh

“Great show! Thought Down by the River was excellent” David Spence

“Best gig we have been to in a long time!” Anew O’Reilly Glasgow

Official website facebook.com/heartofrust