Hanson Tour Dates

Founded in 1992, the trio of Hanson brothers began performing classic rock ‘n roll and soul music, and writing original material, crafting a unique blend of harmonies and organic soulful pop-rock. The group took the world by storm with their debut major release in 1997, including best known single, 'Mmmbop', ushering in a string of top 40 singles and establishing them as one of the world’s leading artists.

In 2003, the group founded their own independent 3CG Records, starting a new era for the band with their #1 independent album Underneath, featuring hit single 'Penny And Me', positioning them among the most successful independent bands to date. Since then, they released a further three albums on their own label plus a second Christmas album!

They have continued to tour the world, cultivating a vibrant global fanbase engaged by their dynamic live performances, and released an ongoing stream of special products direct to their devout fan community.

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