Haley Tour Dates

Haley Bonar is an alternative country singer-songwriter who hails from South Dakota. She is more than a hard working musician. She is an innovator, creative ass-kicker and visionary dug into the trenches of living. She writes genuine, epochal and poetic tales that feel like our heartbreak, failure, frustration and joy. In a clear, insistent and often haunting voice, she tells real stories back to us, as if they were our own. It just doesn’t get much better than that. Blending scuzzy 80s indie, new wave angularity and Spector-ish reverb, her songs are, as NPR once described, “as relentlessly catchy on the surface, as they are alluringly complex underneath". Her material shimmers like a Twin Peaks outtake, recalls Mazzy Star and has the spirit and melody of '‘Porcupine’ era Echo and the Bunnymen. Haley was first discovered by Low’s Alan Sparhawk who spotted her at a local open mic club in Duluth, Minnesota and was so impressed he immediately invited her to join them on tour. On International Women's Day, March 8th 2017, she announced she would be dropping her surname and from henceforth would perform and record just under the name of Haley. Haley tour dates listed on Ents24.com since Jul 2014.