Gordy Marshall Tour Dates

Author of 'Postcards From A Rock And Roll Tour', Gordy Marshall toured as the drummer for The Moody Blues for over two decades. He began writing about his travels with The Moody Blues in a blog which quickly became a book. Writing about this amazing job became an end to itself and the second edition will be ready... sometime soon.

In addition, Gordy is the founder/creator of GO NOW! -The Music of The Moody Blues- The Tribute . Great musicianship, acute attention to detail and distinctive harmonies are synonymous with The Moody Blues. GO NOW! faithfully re-creates the essence of what makes The Moody Blues unforgettable.

This 'super group' features Gordy Marshall (Kit - Known from The Moody Blues), Mick Wilson (Lead Vocals - Known from 10CC, Jeff Lynne), Tim Maple (Guitar - Leona Lewis, Westlife) Patrick Duffin (Keys, Guitar) and Nick Kendall (Guitar).

These world-class musicians, singers and songwriters bring you a new exciting show celebrating some of the best Classic Rock of a generation. From timeless classics like Tuesday Afternoon, I Know You're Out There Somewhere, Legend of a Mind and the unforgettable Nights In White Satin, GO NOW! presents a tribute to the music of The Moody Blues.

Official website gonowmusic.com