Gasca Zurli Tour Dates

The world of Gasca Zurli shows is a magical world full of joy and smiles, and every story on the scene offers a real show of imagination. Children and parents learn together important lessons that will help them build friendship, find out what generosity is, learn to be better with each other. With over 1 million subscribers on the YouTube channel, with tens of thousands of viewers in the showrooms, Gasca Zurli bears both small ones and big men in a real emotional carousel. Gurus Zurli's performances are about the magic that occurs when children are told the story that suits their soul. We have transformed the idea of education (boring, unattractive for children) into a show of imagination, which children can access at any time to make the world around them better and more beautiful. The Zurli story was born of an existing need - the desire of the creator Mirela Retegan to explain to her daughter the world around her in a positive, educational context that would develop her imagination and trust her.With every story he transposes on the stage, Gasca Zurli manages to surprise the audience with a completely new idea, an authentic story, full of enriched songs and lyrics to the taste of the little ones and the big ones. Gasca Zurli tour dates listed on since Jan 2019.