Fanfare Ciocarlia Tour Dates

Fusing infectious, lightning-fast melodies, thunderous drums, unbridled brass and a mischievous, captivating stage presence, Fanfare Ciorcarlia are unparalleled live performers. Described by The Times as “a heavy, heavy monster of sound” and by The Evening Standard as “the best live band in the world’’, Fanfare Ciocarlia have taken their eerie Balkan groove into venues, festivals and dance clubs across the planet. Fanfare Ciocarlia live blast appeals to punks and headbangers, jazz and funk fans, world music aficionados and those who simply love music that sounds absolutely unique. The Romanian’s style involving breakneck speed, technical chops, ripping rhythms and sweet and sour horns is quite different from any other brass band on earth. Everyone who has heard Fanfare Ciocarlia agrees on one thing: no brass band had ever played as fast as this before!