Djavan Tour Dates

Djavan is a Brazilian singer/songwriter whose music, combines traditional Brazilian rhythms with popular music drawn from the Americas, Europe and Africa. Renowned for his distinctively soft and silken vocals which overlay jazz-style guitar melodies, Djavan’s music is a mix of Brazilian influence, 1950s ‘cool jazz’ beats, local folk songs and African-derived instrumentation. Born and raised in the North-eastern area of Alagoas, Djavan moved to Rio de Janeiro to join a local circuit of nightclub performers. Shortly after relocating he released the album A Voz, o Violão e a Arte de Djavan which kick-started his career in music. To this day, he is celebrated for his sheer variety and is somewhat of a national treasure in Brazil; his influential songs have been covered by musicians such as Al Jarreu and Caetano Veloso. Djavan tour dates listed on since Feb 2019.