The Good Ship, London Events

ANNOUNCEMENT: Statement from venue 04/09/17: "Dear everyone, I am sorry to inform that The Good Ship will be pulling into dock for good on the 29th October. Our last comedy show will be Monday 23rd October and the last gig will be The Smyths on the 29th (they did the first gig, it's fitting that they do the last). It's a long story but the short version is that the business is no longer viable since we had our hours cut at the end of 2016." Born on 2nd September 2005, The Good Ship is a live music venue, bar, nightclub and comedy venue all rolled into one. Consider us an extension of your front room with a jukebox in. We are first and foremost a music bar and we are actively committed to bringing the best bands to Kilburn and also using the space of The Good Ship as a place for the arts and entertainment. So we have DJs, bands, spoken word and story telling nights, stand up comedy and anything else interesting/innnovative that we come across or you suggest. Not karaoke though, no no no no no. We welcome the rich, the poor, the not very rich and the very poor. Capacity: 250.