Queen Margaret Union Events

Queen Margaret Union, Glasgow Events

The Queen Margaret Union (or QMU) is a music venue and student's union at the University of Glasgow. Having last year celebrated their fiftieth year in their big brutalist building on 22 University Gardens Glasgow, the QMU has a storied history of social activism and campaigning but is perhaps best known for its rich live music heritage.

The main stage and three bars of the QMU have seen the likes of Nirvana, Coldplay, Franz Ferdinand, Rita Ora and Charli XCX to name but a few. In 2019/20 you can expect them to host even more big name touring artists, DJs and themed club-nights, as well as a diverse line-up of weekly events including pub quizzes, poetry slams and more.

To find out more about their venue visit www.qmunion.org.uk or contact Angus Lawson (a.lawson@qmunion.org.uk) for Events Enquiries.