Sage Gateshead Events

Sage Gateshead Events

Sage Gateshead is an international home for music and musical discovery located in the North East of England. It exists to give world-class, unforgettable, personal and intimate music experiences, in all kinds of music to music-lovers of all tastes and all levels of musical knowledge.

Their aim is to be THE best place to listen to and learn about music anywhere in the UK. Doors are open to everyone, with the over-riding aim of helping people explore music, encouraging their enthusiasms and inspiring a passion for musical adventure.

Capacity: 1,640 (Hall One), 600 (Hall Two)

Sage Gateshead

St Mary's Square
Gateshead Quays

0191 443 4666
0191 443 4661
Disabled Booking:
0191 443 4661

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