Tunde Jegede / Yumino Seki / Sunara Begum

at East Dene Centre, Ventnor

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An evening of traditional and comtemporary dance, music and movement.


Tunde Jegede

Tunde Jegede appearing at this event

A young composer of African descent who has two classical musical worlds to call his own, performing on the cello and the kora, a West African harp-lute.

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Sunara Begum

Visual artist who lives and works in London. Brought up in the traditions of her native Bangladesh, within culturally and ethnically diverse inner city areas in London, Sunara's own personal experience is one of profound self-exploration and search for identity. Being British, Muslim and from an Asian background puts her in a unique position to appreciate the issues surrounding cultural identities and alienation.

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Also Appearing

Yumino Seki

East Dene Centre

  • Bonchurch Village Road
  • Ventnor
  • PO38 1RQ

01983 852374