Otto & The Mutapa Calling Tour Dates

Otto & The Mutapa Calling is a lively London based marimba band playing energetic, joyful music from Botswana, South Africa and Zimbabwe, including folk songs, original songs and popular southern African covers. The band's setup includes soprano, tenor and baritone marimbas, mbira, hosho, drumming and singing in various southern African languages, with traditional and contemporary dances. The marimba band’s sound is full of energy and pulsating polyrhythms - and their music shares the rich cultures, histories and stories of the people of southern Africa through rhythm, song and dance.

The band was officially formed in 2017 by band leader, Otto Gumaelius, who has been playing the marimba since the late 1990s in Botswana, and the band is comprised of musicians from Botswana, Zimbabwe and the UK. Otto & The Mutapa Calling gives a unique and engaging musical experience to listeners and is the only active professional marimba band of its kind in all of Europe.

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