Keys Tour Dates

Hailing from the Welsh capital of Cardiff, contemporary psych-rockers Keys have a signature cosmic flavour. Drawing on a range of quality influences from Animal Collective, Captain Beefheart, Can, Spirit, The Black Keys, Frank Zappa, Panda Bear and Spiritualized, Keys adeptly blend together the new and the old, sitting alongside the likes of Super Furry Animals, The Coral, Malachai, Tame Impala and The Bees. Having risen from the ashes of the much lauded Murry The Hump – once labelled by Alex James of Blur as ‘the best new band in Britain’, counting Damien Hirst and the late Joe Strummer as fans and notching up several John Peel sessions, Keys (who have recently dropped the 'The' from the front of their name!) are a band whose musical pedigree cannot be argued with.

Keys image © The Keys