OneACTS 2020


This event has been and gone.

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oneACTS 2020 - A festival of new playwriting

Robots, romance, a murder-mystery, downsizing, a homicidal insurance salesman, gender reassignment, Kindertransport and taking a stand are the subjects of this year’s oneACTS festival.

Expect drama, comedy, mystery and mayhem as local actors, directors and playwrights bring eight new plays to the cornerHOUSE in Douglas Road, Surbiton.

Four short plays on one night will alternate with four on another in the arts centre's week-long showcase of original playwriting which runs from Monday, April 27 to Saturday, May 2 at 7.45pm.

For the performance run and more details about each play also see below.

If you have any issues booking tickets email thechartistic.team@gmail.com

Performance run: Monday, April 27 to Saturday, May 2 at 7.45pm

Time Share Partner by Dermot Murphy - directed by Jon Constant
Clothes Make The Man by Lily Ann Green - directed by Jackie Davies
Single Issue by Michael Staniforth - directed by Lee Hutchings
Three Into One Won't Go? by Norman Marks - directed by Graham Large

The Driedel by Elisabeth Marrion - directed by Sharon Laws
Cops and Robots by Emma Burton - directed by Nicholas Bond
A Life by Ian Davies - directed by Jim Dunk
Cold Caller by Jane Marchant - directed by Norman Marks

About the plays - Monday/Wednesday/Friday

Time Share Partner - After many bad experiences, Cheryl has found the man of her dreams. As she sits in a hotel lobby, waiting to meet someone, she tells us about the romance and her plan to ensure she does not lose the one man who is not a wrong-un.

Clothes Make the Man - Wayne until recently was known as Marion and is starting gender reassignment. His sister Melissa is helping him buy clothes to begin his new journey in life. By the end of their time at the charity shop, Wayne is one step closer to knowing who he is and who he wants to be, while Melissa understands her new brother much better.

Single Issue - Rob has taken a stand. Is that praiseworthy or unfair on his wife and only daughter?  And will their voices be drowned out by the unexpected newcomer?  Single Issue is a tense drama about private passions and the public purse.

Three into One Won't Go? - Lady Cecily's calm in the drawing room of Largeleat Manor is interrupted by the announcement of her husband's death. An investigation ensues led by Detective Inspector French. The unexpected answer to the mysterious death of Sir Howard Donne-Rutting comes from an equally unexpected source.


The Dreidel - From the end of 1938, fearing for the safety of Jewish children living in Germany, Austria, and Czechoslovakia, the British Government made arrangements to allow them to come to England. The Kindertransport came to an abrupt end with the outbreak of World War II. The Dreidel is Rebecca's story as she remembers the day she had to leave her parents.

Cops and Robots - The story is set in the year 2314 - on Mars. The government is under threat by a group called the Mars Liberation Front. The police have raided the offices of Softbrain Technologies and arrested its CEO, Evelyn Blade, on suspicion of funding the MLF. Worried that he might also be linked to the group, DC John Lindsey sneaks into the evidence cupboard, where he encounters Evelyn Blade's android servant.

A Life - Since his wife's death Colin has become confused and erratic. His children have decided that he needs to down-size and move to managed, sheltered, accommodation. He sits waiting, surrounded by boxes of possessions to take his new home. It is not his choice to leave, but the process of downsizing and packing generates warm nostalgic flashbacks which represent key aspects of his life.

Cold Caller - A homicidal insurance salesman gets more than he bargained for when he calls on retired couple Derek and Elaine.

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