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Star Shaped Festival 2019

Star Shaped Festival is back for its fourth year! Following on from its success in London in 2016 when it first made its debut, the festival that has become renowned by fans of the music and the artists of the Britpop era as THE event of the year and is once again delivering with an all-day marathon of live music plus, Star Shaped resident DJs bringing the party before, between and after the bands. The festival’s line-ups always reflect and honour this great period in music and 2019 is no exception and proves once more that such praise is well-deserved. With four events across the UK in Manchester, Newcastle, Birmingham and London, Britpop fans rejoice as Liverpool legends, Cast, Space, Geneva (reforming especially for Star Shaped!), Salad, Mark Morriss (The Bluetones) and Chris Helme from The Seahorses come together for this year’s line-up. There’s also more to come, including the addition of a legendary Britpop band playing a classic album in full. This is not your standard festival. There are no tents, no overpriced food, no need to fund a whole weekends worth of drinking, just one perfect day/night. No being miles away from the bands, watching them on a little screen and having the sound blown around everywhere, just great a venue, great bands, great atmosphere, and great DJs. Please visit starshaped.club/festival/ for more information.