at The Eden Project, St Austell

This show has been rescheduled to 18th September 2021.

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IDLES appearing at this event

IDLES are a heavy post-punk band from Bristol. They want to entertain and hurt in equal measure. They believe that art and violence work. Their spirit colour is coral pink. One of them loves queuing, one struggles counting, one has been arrested 8 times, one doesn't like music and one puts sausage rolls on his pizza! 'IDLES are hard to capture, because they're not Fat White Family, they're not Sleaford Mods, they are very much their own incarnation of uncompromising rhythmical punk rock. Lyrically, a mixture of dry obsessional humour and poetic slogans. But, best of all, they really get the adrenaline pumping' - Steve Lamacq, BBC6 Music.

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Charlotte Adigery

Charlotte Adigery appearing at this event

Having been taught the ropes by her mother, from rhythm over musicality to a sense of humour and not taking herself too seriously, Adigéry got into music from an early age. Through mutual friends (after all Belgium is a tiny country) she was asked by the Soulwax brothers to lip-sync a song of theirs for the 'Belgica' soundtrack they were producing at the time. As soon as they heard her voice the acting job quickly turned into a studio session... and another... and another. The Dewaele brothers paired her with DEEWEE-regular Bolis Pupul and soon they started started working on a re-enactment of their mutual histories, resulting in lots of heart-to-heart confessions and a local brew by the name of ti'punch, not to mention two EP's for DEEWEE. Charlotte Adigéry's music making is all about playing around until she hits a nerve and something feel-good starts bubbling up - following that vein wherever it may lead. For eclectic as her music may sound, combining bits of smartphone-recorded conversation with synths as sticky as molasses, Adigéry's voice blends all the elements together in a chocolate and vanilla swirl of holistic beats.

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Spectres appearing at this event

Bristol's Spectres have discovered a rich seam of textures and noises with which to carve their sonic shapes, and they have mined it to its fullest. The danger always present here is that the noise begins to mould the song, and not vice-versa – but Spectres' songs are arcing, lucid: essentially pop songs buried under sonic rubble. "Spectres make music for ears to bleed to. They’re influenced by Sonic Youth and My Bloody Valentine, but their music is as 90s as a Blackberry with Tetris installed to its Games section. This is distorted shoe gaze that smashes around the head and plants tornadoes in graveyards. Spectres pay tribute to their idols, but they don’t let the past overwhelm them" - Drunken Werewolf

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The Eden Project

St Austell
PL24 2SG

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