at The Joiners, Southampton

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Psyence appearing at this event

Combining the kind of ear-mangling riffs of Tame Impala and The Black Angels with effects-heavy swirling backing and mesmerising vocals, Psyence effortlessly hark back to the '60s psychedelic rock wellspring and to an entirely original adolescent search for something beyond the tame 'sponsored-alternative' current music scene. Tracks like 'Zebra' and 'I Often Ponder' showcase a band already confident far beyond their short lifespan in creating fully realised psychedelic anthems. Added to this, a powerful and transcendent live show burns their collection of songs firmly into the brain whilst handily frying it at the same time. Pye/Walsh/Comley/Bellingham/Nixon represent a departure from the dreary English guitar bands of the last few years and, equally, a thrilling reminder of the power of music to free your mind.

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The Joiners

  • 141 St Marys Street
  • Southampton
  • SO14 1NS

023 8022 5612